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    Ichinose Kotomi (Ȥ) was a third year high school student (class 3-A). She was very intelligent, and always scored in the top ten in every subject in the national exams. But she hardly ever went to class.

    Kotomi usually stayed in the library, taking her shoes off, sitting down on the floor, and reading difficult books. She didn't have many friends, and she wasn't very good at talking to people.

    Kotomi's birthday was May 13. Kotomi was good at cooking, and she didn't have any siblings.

    Kotomi had a secret past. Her parents were brilliant scientists, but they died in an airplane accident when she was little. So she lived in her house alone.

    Kotomi loved teddy bears. She asked her parents for a teddy bear for her birthday, but they had to rush abroad for a conference on her birthday. So they couldn't give Kotomi the teddy bear.

    Also Kotomi and Tomoya were friends when they were little. Tomoya had completely forgotten about Kotomi, but Kotomi had remembered Tomoya because he was her only friend.

    Kotomi took violin lessons when she was little. She stopped when her parents were killed so she was very rusty. But she still held a small voilin concert at school.

    Kotomi's voice is done by Noto Mamiko.

    In the anime, Kotomi's story takes place in episodes 10 to 14.

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