DiGi Charat Summer Special 2000 episode 2

DiGi Charat Summer Special 2000 episode 2
Black Gamers da nyo
aired: 2000.08.22
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Digiko, Puchiko, Gema were running to work, and it was very hot outside.

Digiko collapsed because of the heat only a few meters from Gamers. but Digiko fell into a shade. Gema wondered why there was a shade in front of Gamers. Then Puchiko pointed out the tall black building that had been built across the street from Gamers. It was a Gamers store too, run by the Black Gemagema-dan.

A few days later, Gamers was empty and there were no customers. Digiko said that all the customers had been taken by the other Gamers.

Puchiko wondered if they were going to go bankrupt. Then they would lose their room. But Kimura Takurou came by and said that he had a room for her. But Puchiko said that she wouldn't go to his place.

Then Digiko spotted Takeshi and Yoshimi waiting in line to enter the other Gamers. She couldn't believe it. Then Digiko went over and grabbed Takeshi and Yoshimi.

She told them that she would never talk to them again. Then Takeshi and Yoshimi cried. Digiko asked why they went to the rival store. They said that they couldn't stop themselves from going to the other store. "Once you go in, you can't do anything about it." It was like they were caught in a trance.

They asked Digiko to help them out. Then Digiko decided to go to the other store.

Digiko, Puchiko, and Rabi-en-Rose went into the other Gamers. It was very dark and dirty inside. Digiko wanted to leave, but Rabi-en-Rose grabbed her.

Then Piyoko's underlings came, and they faced off against Digiko and the others. Digiko wanted to see Piyoko. The underlings said Piyoko was on the top floor of the building. Digiko asked for the elevator, but the underlings said that there wasn't any elevator in the building. They would have to make a long climb up the stairs. Digiko didn't want to climb the stairs, so wanted to go back again. But Rabi-en-Rose stopped her.

Then Piyoko came. She said she got tired of climbing the stairs, so she came down..

Piyoko said that if Gamers went bankrupt, Digiko might go to Analogue planet with her. Then she ordered the customers (who were in a trance) to attack Digiko. Piyoko said that everyone who buys something at her store will become her slave.

The customers surrounded Digiko and the others. Digiko didn't have any way to fight back, as she didn't want to use her eye beams against her old customers

The customers were smashing Digiko and the others with their hot and sweaty bodies. Puchiko escaped and tried to use her eye beams. But the beams didn't come out. Only some slime came out. But Puchiko's slime engulfed the crowd and broke their trance.

Then Digiko launched her eye beams all over the store, destroying it.

Later everything was back to normal, but Digiko was complaining that they were too busy at Gamers.

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