Daremo Inainokanyo?

Di Gi Charat Natsuyasumi Special 4
title Daremo Inainokanyo?
aired 2001.08.03
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.08.10

Digiko and the gang left Akihabara and went out to the mountains for a vacation. They arrived at the Gamer's resort home, but it looked like a broken down shack. The Gamer's store manager had told Digiko that she will be able to see something wonderful. She wondered what it was.

They went inside, and found a mountain of half spoiled mochi. Puchiko and Digiko ate some of the mochi. Digiko kept eating and eating.

Digiko sent Takeshi and Yoshimi to get some water for them. But they didn't come back.

Digiko wanted to play Gema wari (crack the Gema).. But Gema took off.

Then Digiko suggested that they play the game of life. Digiko, Puchiko, and Usada played. Then they realized that all of the others were missing.

Later that evening, Usada was wondered that had happened to the others. Digiko and Usada started fighting. Then Usada saw a shadow at the window, and took off.

Digiko went to sleep, to see a dream about hoka hoka gohan.

When Digiko was asleep, Puchiko went off.

When Digiko woke up, she was alone. Digiko went out to look for Puchiko. But Digiko saw some ghosts. Digiko ran away from the ghosts.

But when the last ghost appeared, Digiko used her eye beams to blast the ghost. The ghost turned out to be Piyoko. Then Piyoko's underlings came. Digiko figured out that they were the ghosts.

All of the others that had been captured by Piyoko appeared. But Puchiko was still missing.

Digiko was very worried about Puchiko, but then Puchiko appeared. She said that she discovered the "something wonderful". Puchiko took everyone to a river where there were a lot of fireflies.

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