Rabi en Rose

DiGi Charat nyo Character Single Collection 3
Rabi en Rose

released 2003.07.25
1200 yen

This CD contains character songs for the TV anime DiGi Charat Nyo.

The tracks are as follows.
  1. Futsuu janaino (普通じゃナイの)
  2. Seifuku to Lip Cream (制服とリップクリーム)
  3. mini drama "Rabi en no Idol Contest shutsujouyo!"
  4. Futsuu janaino *Karaoke
  5. Seifuku to Lip Cream *Karaoke
Songs by Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子).

The CD is a cute picture CD with a picture of Rabi en Rose.

The drama is around 7 minutes long, and the cast is as follows.

Rabi en RoseHikami Kyoko
DiGi CharatSanada Asami
Usada AkariIguchi Yuka
niwatoriMori Norihisa

The story is about .......

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