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    The following are some of the events that I have gone to featuring Itou Asuka (ƣ) (or had Asuka as a guest).

    date event
    2007.06.02 Itou Asuka photo session
    2007.06.04 Getsuyou Drum Land
    2007.07.21 Happy Holiday! Vocals
    2007.08.05 Happy Holiday!
    2007.08.12 Itou Asuka photo session
    2007.08.20 Natsukashi no Idol Song
    2007.09.17 Itou Asuka photo session
    2007.10.21 Itou Asuka photo session
    2007.11.11 Asagaya Drum Fem. 2007
    2007.11.23 Itou Asuka photo session
    2007.12.04 Angel Night
    2007.12.09 Animelo Shinjin Audition Flyer Event at Gamers Akihabara
    2007.12.24 Itou Asuka photo session
    2008.01.14 Niji Iro Amazing Smile CD 1 Event at Gamers Akihabara
    2008.03.09 Niji Iro Amazing Smile CD 3 Event at Gamers Akihabara
    2010.02.05 Ore no Kodomo janai! [play]
    2010.07.24 Anison Love Summit
    2010.08.30 AGE AGE IDOL MIX Vol.4
    2010.09.20 AGE AGE Idol Matsuri
    2010.12.12 AGE AGE Idol Carnival 75
    2011.02.17 Seventeen Syndrome Lv.2
    2011.02.26 Love Gaku 1
    2011.03.27 Seventeen Syndrome Lv.3
    2011.06.17 Seventeen Syndrome Lv.5
    2012.03.17 Seventeen Syndrome Lv.12

    Asuka has appeared in many events as part of the group Kira Kira Melody Gakuen and LaLaLu.

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    [Itou Asuka event reports]

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