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  • Hisakawa Aya "for you for me" event

    Hisakawa Aya "for you for me" event
    Kawasaki Sangyou Shikoukan (Kawasaki)
    15:30 - 16:30
    Hisakawa Aya ()
    Tajima Kouji ()
    3000 yen (for you for me CD)
    • Report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.17
    • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.04.14

    People who bought the for you for me CD at Shinseido shops and sent in postcards got a ticket for the Hisakawa Aya talk show. There were around 500 people who participated. I had tickets 28 and 53.

    The event took place on March 16, 1996 in the Kawasaki Sangyou Shikoukan. The hall was big enough to hold around 500 people.

    Aya was wearing a long dress, and had her hair straight. (It's getting very long now.)

    The VAP publicity person (Mr. Takashima) said that Hisakawa Aya's video (Aya Mail 4) was selling well, and it was the number 1 video on the idol chart the previous week!

    The first part of the event was a talk corner with Aya and Tajima Kouji, the song writer and musician who wrote a lot of Aya's songs. This was the first time that Kouji had appeared in this kind of event. (He was a musician at Aya's Christmas live last year.)

    Kouji started out as a musician. Then he started writing some songs and lyrics later.

    Aya: Why did you want to be a musician?
    Kouji: I heard some music on the radio that moved me, and I wanted to be a musician.
    Aya: I heard that you were a son of a doctor. You went to a completely different direction to become a musician.
    Kouji: I liked being poor.

    Aya: Do you have any impression of when you first met me?
    Kouji: I was very nervous.
    Aya: But did you watch animation and such?
    Kouji: Not that much, but I had heard of your name.

    Aya: At first there were many times when I asked you to rewrite some of the lyrics and such. But for my second and third albums, I just had to say "Please write about this" and it was everything that I was looking for. Can I assume that you have gotten to know me that much?
    Kouji: Just like all of the fans here, I have been studying you. I've been studying you for around three years, so I think I've gotten to know a bit about you.

    Aya: Was there something that was very different from your first impression of me?
    Kouji: You have your own way of doing certain things.
    Aya: Are there still some parts of me that you don't understand?
    Kouji: Your feelings toward love. I don't think I have that yet.
    Aya: You mean from a girl's perspective.
    Kouji: Yes, the only songs that I've written on your albums are from a boy's perspective.

    Then Kouji left, and Aya fielded some questions from fans.

    Q: What did you eat this morning?
    Aya: I ate pizza toast. I put pizza sauce, cheese, green peppers, corn, and tuna on a toast.

    Q: It will be hay fever season soon. Do you have any new way of fighting it this year?
    Aya: No, I don't have any new method. When I talked about it on the radio, many people told me about various teas and such that I should drink. I think herb tea works. But I think the only thing to do is to wear a mask. This year I want to stop taking medicine, and try to fight it by myself.

    Q: If you have any troubles while driving, do you use that super cute voice to get out of it?
    Aya: That song is 80% real. Even my talk in the middle of the song is actually something that happened. I went out to eat with my friend, and on the way home, I couldn't make a turn into a busy road. When I tried to get back on track, I turned into a street and all of these cars came at me. Then four policemen came to me at once. I got surrounded by them and they asked me what I was doing, because I was going the wrong way on a one way street. I said, "I got lost. I'm sorry." [in a very cute voice] Then they became nice and told me where to go. They didn't give me a ticket either.

    Q: When did you get your license?
    Aya: The day I got my license was the day of the Aa Megami-sama volume 3 recording.

    Aya: Everyone please be careful when driving.

    Then there was a drawing for presents. There were 10 signed posters.

    Then Aya made some announcements about some of the CDs and such that were going to go on sale soon.

    The event was over.. but there was still a lot of time left! VAP's Mr. Takashima wasn't timing things too well.. (^_^;;)

    So Aya stayed on the stage to talk some more.

    Aya said that there was going to be a picture collection coming out later this year. She also said that she wanted to do a live at the end of summer or autumn, but no details were firm yet.

    Aya didn't have any new roles in the spring TV anime, but she says she wants to get one in an autumn show.

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