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  • Yousei Hime Rain Event

    Yousei Hime Rain Event
    Yamaha Hall (Ginza)
    12:30 - 15:30
    Hisakawa Aya (久川綾)
    Takahashi Miki (高橋美紀)
    Koorogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ)
    Iwatsubo Rie (岩坪理江)
    Daichi Akitarou (大地丙太郎) [director]
    free (need postcard)
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.09.07

    On September 3, 1995, the Yousei Hime Rain event (sponsored by KSS) took place at the Yamaha Hall in Ginza. The Yamaha Hall was a small auditorium which had 524 seats (two floors).

    The event was packed full, because there was a special bonus for people who reserved the Rain OAV at this event. Those people got: 1) a ticket to the next KSS event (Wedding Peach), 2) the chance to shake hands with Takahashi Miki, Koorogi Satomi, and Iwatsubo Rie, 3) a cel of a Yousei Hime Rain character, 4) a Yousei Hime Rain poster. So people who really wanted tickets to the Wedding Peach event came to this event.. (There were many Wedding Peach fans who were upset at KSS for this.)

    The event flowed as follows.

    • Yousei Hime Rain 1
    • talk show
    • break
    • promotion video
    • presents
    • good bye message
    • handshake session
    • Doukyuusei 1

    Yousei Hime Rain 1

    This was a very fast action OAV. Lots of very nice colors, cute girls, and action.

    The sound system in Yamaha Hall wasn't very good (for this OAV), so it was hard to make out the words. There was a LOT of dialogue. But a large portion of it was non-sense, and not in Japanese. Rain (the fairy) was from a different world, so she was not able to communicate with Gou (the main character boy). Also there were many scenes where two characters talked simultaneously.

    Takahashi Miki (Rain) spoke softly, and her voice is just like her other character voices. Hisakawa Aya (Riin) spoke in a very rough, boyish manner. Koorogi Satomi (Mari) spoke like a "normal" girl, not her little girl voice.

    This is a video that one will have to watch over and over to understand it. This is also a video that probably could not be subtitled into another language.

    talk show

    After the video, they had the guests talk show, and the emcee was Shocker Ohno, as usual. The guest were Takahashi Miki (who did the voice of Rain), Hisakawa Aya (who did the voice of Riin), and Koorogi Satomi (who did the voice of Mari).

    Miki was wearing a white based, pink flower design one piece, where the skirt flared out was a little above knee length. She was wearing a white long sleeve sweater over it. She was also wearing long white boots, that came up to her knees.

    Aya was wearing a black base, white flower design, long apron skirt. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt underneath, and a black hat. She had flat heel black shoes.

    Satomi was wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a black vest. She was wearing a black long skirt, and black short boots.

    First, they talked about the recording for Rain. Takahashi Miki had caught a cold at that time, so she recorded her voices separately. But the recording for everyone else went from 5 PM to midnight! It took much longer than a regular 30 minute OAV. Miki's parts were very difficult, because she had to mix the usage of normal Japanese and mixed-up Japanese.

    Miki: If I would have recorded the voices with everyone, the recording probably would have gone to 2 or 3 AM.

    Satomi: There was a very long dialogue.. and when I messed up, we had to start all over from the beginning.

    Ohno: That strange language was written in the script, and they read it exactly as written. It must have been difficult. Also Iwatsubo Rie did three roles in this one. The next story will have seven sisters. She'll pass Nozawa Masako at that point! [Nozawa Masako did four voices in Iczelion.] It must be very difficult..
    a voice: It was very difficult.

    Then Iwatsubo Rie appeared. Rie was wearing a short sleeve one piece dress.

    Then Daichi Akitarou, the director appeared, wearing sunglasses.

    director: It's dark in Yamaha Hall.
    Ohno: You're wearing sunglasses!

    director: The script writer made the story very difficult. So I changed some parts to make it easier to understand.
    Ohno: That was easy to understand!?

    Ohno: Those words by Zenshuuin were very difficult.
    director: That's me. I wrote all of those.
    Ohno: So you're the one making it difficult!
    director: At the beginning, those words all had some meaning. But I had forgotten what it was by the time it was the recording.

    Ohno: That scene with Yamadera Kouichi was something too.
    director: That bicycle scene.. Actually it was originally twice as long.
    Ohno: Are you trying to kill Yamadera-san?
    director: It was supposed to be spoken a little slower, but when Yamadera-san was chosen for this role, I decided to cut the time short. Also I didn't really expect him to be able to do it, because the speech itself isn't that important.. But he did it.
    Satomi: I bet he would get angry if he heard that.
    director: He was so serious that I couldn't tell him.

    There will be seven sisters in episode 2.

    Rie: It will be difficult, but after that I'll be able to handle anything.
    director: Actually there are nine sisters.
    Rie: I'd like to see the parents!
    director: The picture of the parents appears in episode 1.
    Ohno: They are somewhere out on an adventure.

    Ohno: The main character Takarada Gou doesn't listen that much to what other people say.
    director: Everyone in this story is like that.
    Ohno: Oh, Rain doesn't listen that much either.

    Ohno: What kind of story are you planning for episode 2?
    director: Something similar. There were lots of questions raised in episode 1. Don't look for the answers in episode 2.

    Ohno: In this script there were some parts where two people speak simultaneously. But in episode 2, I hear that there will be some parts with three people.
    director: Yes. I was thinking about making it four.
    Ohno: What if it is Natsuki, Haruki, Mizuki, and another sister?
    director: We'll get four microphones.
    Rie: But you'll have to make copies of me!
    Rie: It was difficult doing the three roles. By the time I was doing the third character, I had forgotten what the first character was like. The director scolded me a lot. But next time I have to do seven..

    Ohno: At the end, when Riin and Mari were in the bath, Riin suddenly got up and said that she had come to kill Rain. But in the previews, Riin is kissing Rain. What is this?
    director: There actually isn't much of a story. You'll have to watch this over and over until the LD wears out.
    Rie: Riin and Rain are actually friends, right?
    director: In episode 3 (if there is an episode 3), the deeper secret of Riin and Rain might be revealed.

    Ohno: What will become of Gou and Mari? It looks like Rain and Gou are the main characters. But they can't communicate, and the sizes are very different. Are you going to be a couple? Or is it going to be Gou and Mari?
    director: In episode 4 (if there is an episode 4), we might go deeper into the relationships.
    Ohno: Episode 4!?
    director: Actually I want to make 13 episodes.

    Then they took some questions from the audience.

    Q: Will there be a novel or script released for this?
    director: It's up to KSS.
    Mochizuki (KSS): We'll think about it. It depends on how well volume 1 sells.

    Q: Will there be any scenes where Riin speaks in Osaka-ben?
    director: That should be very easy to do.

    Q: How many volumes will actually be released?
    Ohno: Two volumes will be released for sure. The rest is up to how well they sell.

    Q: Why does KSS anime always use the same voice actresses?
    Ohno: Really? Looking at the guests today.. Idol Project! MAPS! Golden Boy! Oh, Mochizuki is trying to run away.
    Mochizuki: It's just your imagination.

    promotion video

    The promotion video showed Idol Project, Wedding Peach, and some other KSS anime.


    They had signed posters, Idol Project special CD single (from the game), color illustrations by the character designer, a cassette tape of a Takahashi Miki song (done by her fan club), and a signature board by the four voice actresses.

    good bye message

    For the good bye message, each voice actress talked about the things that they will be doing in the near future.

    Takahashi Miki
    She will be in the Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna CD drama series and OAV series. The CD will continue for a while.

    Miki will also be in the NEC FX game Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari. At the end of this year, there will be an event for it, and she will sing the theme song. The game itself will go on sale next spring.

    Hisakawa Aya
    She completed writing her picture book. It's a essay and illustration book, and it will go on sale in November. Aya said, "It was very difficult."

    Aya will have a Christmas live on 1/24 at the Nihon Seinenkan.

    Koorogi Satomi
    She is in a new TV series Mama ha Poyo Poyo Zaurus ga Suki. Her first line in the first episode was, "Unchi deta!"

    Satomi will also be in the Idol Project CD drama, coming out in October.

    Iwatsubo Rie
    She will try her best in the second episode of Rain, in her seven roles.

    Rie will also be in a new dubbed anime called OZ Kids, in the role of Jack.

    Daichi Akitarou
    Besides Rain, he is doing Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. He says that there are around 30 episodes already planned. "The series is going to turn soon. Please don't give up on it yet."

    handshake session

    After a short break, there was a handshake session for those people who reserved the Rain OAV. Because of her work schedule, Hisakawa Aya was not able to participate, so the fans got to shake hands with Takahashi Miki, Koorogi Satomi, Iwatsubo Rie, and Shocker Ohno.

    Doukyuusei 1

    The only KSS OAV with both Takahashi Miki and Koorogi Satomi in it was MAPS 2. They wanted to show it, but they couldn't find the film.. Then they realized that Doukyuusei 1 (by Pink Pineapple) also had Miki and Satomi. So they showed that.

    I didn't stick around for this. (^_^;)

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