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    The studio recordings for the TV show Shibuya de Chu! were held at the Shibuya Kouen Doori Gekijou. These recordings were open to the public, for a cost of 1000 yen, and they limited the attendance to around 200 people.

    The recording sessions were basically the same. At the beginning, the assistant director came out and gave some of the basic rules.

    • no talking to the guest
    • no looking into the camera
    • no talking into the mikes

    Then he showed the crowd how to clap, (strongly, finely, and quickly). After practicing the claps, they started the recordings.

    Most of the recordings took from 45 minutes to one hour.

    The recording sessions were as follows.
    [This table is missing a LOT of data..]

    1997.03.18 Sakurai Tomo
    1997.03.18 Kusachi Fumie
    1997.04.02 Hikami Kyoko, Nagasawa Miki
    1997.04.02 Kanai Mika, Iwao Junko
    1997.05.07 Mitsuishi Kotono, Kikuchi Shiho
    1997.05.07 Kingetsu Mami, Matsumoto Rica
    1998.04.22 Sotsugyou III girls, Iwata Mitsuo
    1998.07.01 Hisakawa Aya, Inoue Kikuko

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