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  • Unit Paradise

    Event Unit Paradise
    Location Meguro Fukushi Center
    Date 2001.09.23
    Time 19:00 - 20:30
    Cutie Pai
    Misaki Mami
    some others
    Cost 3000 yen
    • Event report version 0.4 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.09.25
    • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.09.29

    The Unit Paradise event was held at the Meguro Fukushi Center, near Toritsu Daigaku (on the Toyoko Line), on September 23, 2001.

    I went to Toritsu Daigaku (on the Toyoko line) to go to the Meguro Fukushi Center. But I had no idea where the hall was, so I wondered around for 30 minutes looking for the hall. I arrived a few minutes before they let in, so it wasn't a problem. I found a seat in the third row, off to the left, so I was in a good position to see Kasumi (Cutie Pai's Miyuu).

    [Cutie Pai also had another event earlier in the day, but I had to play a baseball game, so I couldn't go. It was the first game of the Autumn Tournament, and we won.]

    The Meguro Fukushi Center Hall was a small hall, probably capable of seating 300 or so. I think there were over 150 people, so this was one of the biggest crowds that I have seen in a while.. (^_^;

    The event was called "Unit Paradise", and it was a concert type event by various groups. The first group was Metafo, made up of former Kira Melo girls Mito Yoko, Endou Satoko, Takase Noriko, Akami Yukie, Furuuchi Rika, and Ogura Maiko. (Take the first letter of the girls' last names, and you get the group name.) Metafo sang three songs: a Matsuura Aya song, a CoCo song, and one of their own. I hadn't seen most of these girls since March, but I don't thing they changed much. Noriko was very cute (as she was before).

    The second group was Cutie Pai. They were wearing their waitress outfits! Too bad pictures weren't allowed. They opened up with "Hello Cutie Pai". But Miyuu (Kasumi) had a cold, and she could hardly sing/talk. (;_;) The next songs were "Reflection Love" and "Peaty Time". Then they sang a new song, "Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku". This song was written my Mayu. They used stand mikes for this song, and this was their first song that used stand mikes. It had a cute dance, and Miyuu was in the middle (Mayu left, Makky right). Then the last song was "Yell".

    It seemed that the girls would be selling stuff in the lobby after the event, so I would have a chance to give Kasumi the pictures. So after Cutie Pai, there were two other groups, but I didn't pay much attention to them, as I was busy writing a letter to Kasumi.. (^_^;

    After the event, I went to the lobby and gave the pictures and letter to Kasumi. Since her cold seemed pretty bad, she could hardly talk. But she was still very cute. I apologized for not being able to go to their event during the day time (they also had an event at 12:30), and she asked me if I had won my baseball game. (^_^;

    Then I bought a ticket for Cutie Pai's next event (10/13), and said good bye to Kasumi. I also want to go to their event on 11/4, but that's a Sunday, and I might have a baseball game that day (if we keep winning in the tournament).

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