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  • Favorite Dear - 1998.10.09

    Favorite Dear
    NEC Interchannel
    11:30 - 12:05
    13:30 - 14:05
    15:30 - 16:05

    Arishima Moyu (Arshe Breidablik)
    Kinoshita Naoki (Griffin)
    Ohtani Miki (Jarl Willing)
    Ogawa Yuuichirou (Seavass Folkvangr)
    Yamamoto Nami (Nursadear)
    Kamiya Hiroshi (Ryudrall Allgreen)
    Iwasaki Yoko (Rosa)
    Tsunoda Hayaho (Shelly)

    I went to the first and third events. All of the events flowed the same, but there were some minor differences in the details of the talk.

    Each seiyuu came out one by one. Then each one did a short line in their character voice, and talked about their character. [Favorite Dear]

    Moyu said that she did her character in her normal voice, and her personality is also close to that of the character.

    Nami said that she got very emotional, and cried when she read the script.

    Yoko said that this was her first work, and she was very nervous.

    Then they all talked about their recording.

    Miki and Moyu also did some monster voices.

    [Ayshe] Favorite Dear is a strategy, role playing, and "growing" simulation game. In the world called "Infos", time had stopped and the world became chaotic. The player is an angel, but angels weren't allowed to go down to land and interfere. So the player has to find a hero (and "grow" the hero), and save the world. There are 12 heros to choose from, and the player can choose 6. There are also 4 fairies that help.

    Favorite Dear will go on sale in January of 1999.

    [Tokyo Game Show 1998 Autumn]

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