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  • Eretzvaju game tournament

    Eretzvaju game tournament
    11:30 - 12:00
    Inoue Kikuko (׻)

    For the first session, there were over 150 people, with the most hard core people waiting at the booth from 9:30, when they let people into the Tokyo Game Show. The guest was Inoue Kikuko, who did the voice of Ihadoruka, and it started with a simple talk show.
    [Kenji, can you check the name of the character?]

    Emcee: What kind of character is Ihadoruka?
    Kikuko: She looks like a very scary character. But her eyes are slanted down, and I like that. Don't you think I look like her? She's a bad character, but I like her.

    Emcee: You also do the voice of Karin, the spirit of Setsuna.
    Kikuko: Yes, she's a little slow, and her age is..
    emcee: 17 years old.
    Kikuko: 17, she's the same as me.. Karin is very cute.

    In the game, when Setsuna (a junior high school girl) fought, a red shadow appears around her, and this is the spirit Karin. Ihadoruka isn't one of the characters that you can fight with.

    Then they held the semi-finals and finals of the Eretzvaju game tournament. The semi finalist was going to get a telephone card, and the winner was going to get a telephone card and a T-shirt. Also the winner was going to have his name in the credits of the game.

    Then Kikuko said that it was a nice T-shirt, and the staff said that they would give her one later.

    During the tournament, Kikuko and the emcee watched from the side of the stage, and commented on the battles.

    emcee: Do you play fighting games?
    Kikuko: I like to watch.

    After the tournament, Kikuko handed the presents to the winners, and she even signed a signature board for the champion.

    Then Kikuko played the game against the champion, and won. Of course the champion let Kikuko win..

    At the end, Kikuko said a message in Ihadoruka's voice, "Minasan, Eretzvaju kawanaito oshiokiyo!"
    [Everyone, if you don't buy Eretzvaju, I'll punish you!]

    Kikuko added that Eretzvaju doesn't have anything to do with Sailor Moon, but she just likes Sailor Moon.

    [Tokyo Game Show 1998 Autumn]

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