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    Eretzvaju game tournament
    16:00 - 16:30
    Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)

    There were slightly under 100 people for the 16:00 session. It wasn't as crowded as the first session, and it was possible to watch it even arriving just before the event.

    The event started with an introduction of the game, and the controls. They stressed that it was an easy game to play, and the controls were very simple.

    The guest was Hikami Kyoko, who did the voice of Setsuna, a junior high girl who wears a school uniform. They showed some of the fight scenes with Setsuna, and pointed out that her hair and skirt moved "naturally" during the fights. The skirt also had slits, so it moved around a lot, and there were many flashes of Setsuna's panties during the fights.

    Emcee: What kind of school uniform did you wear?
    Kyoko: Is that when I was a student, or after?
    Emcee: You wore a school uniform after you started working?
    Kyoko: When I was a student, I wore blazers like Setsuna. It was long after that I wore a sailor fuku. In high school, it was the same red tie like Setsuna.

    Then they held the semi-finals and finals of the Eretzvaju game tournament. The semi finalist was going to get a telephone card, and the winner was going to get a telephone card and a T-shirt. Also the winner was going to have his name in the credits of the game.

    When the players chose Setsuna, Kyoko was watching and made some of the sound effects. Kyoko got disappointed when Setsuna lost, and happy when she won.

    After the tournament, Kyoko handed the presents to the winners, and she signed a signature board for the champion.

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