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  • Gungho Brigade - 1998.10.10

    Gungho Brigade
    12:35 - 13:00
    Inoue Kikuko (׻)
    Nagasawa Miki (Ĺ)
    [Gungho Brigade]

    No tickets were required for this event. There were around 150 people, most of them waiting for over one hour. The booth was not very big, so only about 70 people were seated inside. The rest were standing and watching from outside.

    Miki and Kikuko talked about their characters. Maiko Hinowa (voice by Nagasawa Miki) is the heroine. Betty Davis (voice by Kikuko) is a character who is usually sleepy and spaced out. But when she fights, she is very quick and sharp. Kikuko said that when she first read the character setting she thought, "Oh, again.."

    Miki talked about Kikuko saying "one down" after she wins in the battle. But Kikuko thought that it sounded like "wonton".. She added that she liked wonton.

    Miki said that she doesn't have a game machine at home. Kikuko said that the last game she played was the board game "Life".

    Then one of the developers came out and explained the game system. When Maiko's character appeared on the screen, Miki said she was cute, and looked like herself. Then Kikuko said that they were similar, as Miki had two eyes just like Maiko.

    The game has a story mode, and there are 24 episodes in the game.

    Then they had a drawing to choose four people from the crowd to go up onto the stage to try the quiz. The winner was going to get a small polaroid camera (made by Tomy). With the camera, the the winner got his picture taken with Miki and Kikuko, and the polaroid was signed by the two seiyuu.

    They also passed out a CD-ROM (Playstation) which had a demo of the game.

    [Gungho Brigade]

    [Tokyo Game Show 1998 Autumn]

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