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  • Dengeki Wonder Swan

    At the Bandai booth during the Tokyo Game Show, they were passing out a free 16 page magazine called Dengeki Wonder Swan.

    Ohmori Reiko and two other girls are on the cover. This magazine is 16 pages, and dedicated to the Wonder Swan.

    It says they sold over 1 millions WS in 4 months.

    In addition to all the games, there will be a new hardware unit called Wonder Gate. It will allow the WS to connect to the Internet via cel phone. It will have a browser that supports HTML3.2, tables, GIFs, animated GIFs, Japanese character sets, bookmarks, cookies, etc. It will also have mail software.

    Some of the major games coming out are: Meitantei Conan, Evangelion Shito Ikusei, Terrors (a horror novel theater game with 3D sound with voices by 8 idols), Gundam, SD Gundam, Magical Drop, Kiss Yori, Densha de Go 2, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon Adventure, Pocket Fighter.

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