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  • Hummingbird

    Kudan Kaikan
    13:00 - 14:55
    Tamagawa Sakiko (Ӹʻ)
    Amano Yuri (ŷͳ)
    Mitsuishi Kotono (жǵ)
    Kusachi Fumie (ϾϹ)
    Shiina Hekiru (̾ؤ)
    free (need postcard)
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.05.15

    On April 23, 1995, the Hummingbird event took place in Kudan Kaikan. Most of the people who got tickets to this event were in the Hummingbird fan club. It was almost impossible for normal people to get tickets.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • Hummingbird '95 showing
    • song Blue Paradise
    • battle talk
    • dice talk
    • Hummingbird information corner
    • song Love Wing

    Hummingbird '95 showing

    They showed the new Hummingbird OAV. But they hadn't finished with the animation, so there were a lot of scenes that were just still.. The story was very serious, unlike the previous OAVs.

    song Blue Paradise

    The second half of the event started with Kusachi Fumie's song Blue Paradise. The crowd all stood up and cheered during the song.

    battle talk

    After the song, the other four Hummingbird members came out, all wearing yellow Hummingbird jackets. There were a lot of cheers, and everyone was still standing. Then Tamagawa Sakiko told the crowd that they can sit down.

    The Hummingbird members introduced themselves, from right to left it was Tamagawa Sakiko, Amano Yuri, Mitsuishi Kotono, Kusachi Fumie, and Shiina Hekiru.

    Mitsuishi Kotono and Kusachi Fumie had gone to Nagoya and Osaka for the Hummingbird event the previous week, and they said that they had a great time. There was even a karaoke contest. In May, Kusachi Fumie will go to various Animate shops for smaller Hummingbird events, and they will show Hummingbird '95.

    Then they talked about the OAV that was just shown.

    Amano Yuri: When Mina and Uzuki were playing the game, they said that they would follow their older sisters. I think that was cute.
    Mitsuishi Kotono: I liked the flashback scene where father appears.
    Kusachi Fumie: Me too. But I want to see more picture of when the five girls were little.
    Shiina Hekiru: But if Uzuki is a baby, wouldn't Kanna would be in grade school?
    Tamagawa Sakiko: Shut up!
    Shiina Hekiru: I'm sorry.

    Then they talked about the recording of this episode.

    Tamagawa Sakiko: It started in the morning, and it was raining that day.
    Amano Yuri: It was very listless.
    Tamagawa Sakiko: Morning is a weakness for everyone.
    Kusachi Fumie: By the time we get going, it's already the end.

    Then they said that when they go to events and stay at a hotel, everyone makes it up for breakfast, except for Fumie who was still sleeping..

    dice talk

    Then they moved onto the dice talk corner. There was a large die, and they rolled it to decide the topic that they would talk about.

    Sakiko went first and rolled the die. She got talk about love.

    Sakiko said that when she saw the movie Forever Young, that gave her the strength to call the guy that she liked, and ask him out. Unfortunately she got rejected..

    Hekiru said that her first love was probably in kindergarten. Yuri said that was very early. Then Hekiru said, "Isn't it first love every time?"
    Sakiko said, "If you say it, people will believe you, but if I say it people will call me a liar."

    Yuri rolled the die next, and got new song.

    There were new songs in Hummingbird '95. The song Yume no Basho he is Hummingbird's first ballad. Everyone said that they cried the first time they heard it. Then they played a little part of it. They even played a little part of another new song.

    Fumie said, "These songs are on the new soundtrack that goes on sale in May."
    Yuri said, "This soundtrack is great. There are so many songs in it."
    Someone in the crowd asked, "How many songs?"
    Kotono said, "I don't know."
    Yuri said, "I think there are at least 10 songs on side A."
    [side A? on a CD? ^_^;;]

    Next, Kotono rolled the die and got talk about love again. Since they had already done that, she was going to roll again, but the crowd cheered and said that they wanted to hear more talk about love..

    Kotono said, "I don't have much to say, but I wrote it all in my essay collection. But everyone didn't let her off that easily..
    Kotono said that her first love was in third year of junior high. But since they were going to go to different high school, they parted.

    Then Fumie rolled the die and got dance, dance, dance.

    Hummingbird has a lot of dances. Then they did the abura mushi dance [cockroach dance], a very silly dance.

    Hekiru rolled the die and got recent boke.
    [boke = foolish mistakes]
    The crowd cheered!

    Hekiru said, "Today I did a big boke.. During rehearsal when I looked at the die, I saw haji me te O X shi ta ko to. But I read it as te shi to me X ko haji O ta, and asked what that was about."
    [it was written left to right, but Hekiru read it top to bottom (right to left).]

    haji  me   te
    O     X    shi
    ta    ko   to
    [in Japanese]

    Then Sakiko said, "Well, if we talk about boke.." and everyone looked at Fumie.
    Fumie said, "I didn't do anything recently."
    Kotono said, "Today, in the dressing room.."
    Sakiko said, "She was practicing her song, but the voice was a little loud."
    Yuri said, "Yes, a little."
    Fumie had been practicing while listening to her walkman.
    Fumie said, "You were all listening?"
    Everyone said, "Yes."
    Fumie said, "I'm sorry." Fumie continued, "I've never been able to sing a new song without any mistakes. But at Osaka, I sang it all. So I was sure that I can do it today."

    Hummingbird information corner

    The next corner was the live recording of the Hummingbird information corner. This was something which was aired on the Anime Scramble radio program every week. The one recorded at the event was going to be aired 5/19 and 5/26.

    In the first one, they talked about doing Hummingbird events. It had been a while since their last one.

    In the second one, there was a shocking announcement. They said, "We have been Hummingbird for three years. But we will return to normal seiyuu. We will disband." The crowd was shocked. The last Hummingbird event will be a concert on 8/16 at the Shibuya Koukaidou.

    song Love Wing

    The final section was the song Love Wing. After the song, the curtain went down right away. There was a loud encore yell, and the curtain came up after a while. All of the seiyuu had taken off their yellow jackets, and lined up to bow to everyone. Then the curtain went down again.

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