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  • Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.11.18

    Event Idol 109 part 3
    Location Studio Revole 2 (Akihabara)
    Date 2001.11.18
    Time 15:00 - 17:00
    Guests Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
    Sawai Natsumi (ʤ)
    Shimizu Kaori
    Tokunaga Ai (ʰ)
    Cost 3000 yen

    • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.11.19

    This was the seventh Idol 109 part 3 event. Adachi Reiko couldn't make this event, so Sawai Natsumi pinch hit for her as one of the personalities.

    The guests were Shimizu Kaori and Tokunaga Ai. Each guest was on the stage for about one hour, with the public recording portion being around 15 minutes. This was one of the most crowded Idol 109 events ever, as both Kaori and Ai had lots of fans. I arrived late, so I had to stand in the back, but I was still able to see well. (But it was tiring and hard on my knees to stand for two hours.)

    The first guest was Shimizu Kaori. Kaori had been doing idol work ever since she was a child (she's still a high school student). But now she is doing seiyuu work.

    The second guest was Tokunaga Ai. Ai was a former Kira Melo girl, along with Noa and Natsumi.

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