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  • Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.12.16

    Event Idol 109 part 3
    Location Studio Revole 2 (Akihabara)
    Date 2001.12.16
    Time 15:00 - 17:00
    Cost 3000 yen
    Hosts Miyanishi Noa
    Adachi Rieko
    Guests Sakurai Sara
    Shintani Sayaka
    Hinano Mayo
    Minano Fuuko
    Itou Asuka
    Ohtsuka Mae

    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.12.19

    Idol 109 part 3 is the monthly idol talk show, which was a public recording of the Internet radio show. But since the Internet radio show was ending in December 2001, this was just a normal event, and it was also the last Idol 109 part 3 event. I was number 2, so I was able to sit in the very front, in the middle.

    The guests were Mr. Ogawa (producer of the Idol 109 show), Sawai Natsumi, Ohkura Junko (a young idol), and LaLaLu. But it wasn't the full LaLaLu, just Sakurai Sara, Shintani Sayaka, Hinano Mayo, Itou Asuka, Ohtsuka Mae, and Minano Fuuko.

    The hosts of Idol 109 were Miyanishi Noa (LaLaLu member) and Adachi Rieko. Noa still hadn't recovered from her cold yet, and her ears and nose were pretty red.

    The first hour was mostly talk by Mr. Ogawa, who talked about his past as a manager of the idol group Qlair, and his idol fan days. Also Natsumi and Junko came and talked for a little bit. At the end of this hour, Noa ran off the stage to get a present for Rieko, as it was almost her birthday. Rieko said she was going to be 25.

    The guest for the second hour was LaLaLu. Each one of the LaLaLu girls came out individually, and talked for 5 minutes or so. Then at the end, all of the LaLaLu girls, Natsumi, and Junko came out again.

    This is when Rieko suggested that the LaLaLu girls stay and sing at the Girls Vocal Paradise 4 event. Mae said that she had nothing planned for the evening, and the other girls said they would sing if it was ok with the LaLaLu staff. So LaLaLu became a last minute guest for the Girls Vocal Paradise event.

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