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  • Koe no Christmas Present

    Koe no Christmas Present
    81 Produce Second Charity event
    Tobu Department Store 8F outdoor stage (Ikebukuro)
    13:00 - 15:00
    Kumagaya Niina (ëˡ)
    Iwao Junko (˽)
    Ikezawa Haruna (߷պ)
    Shinohara Emi (ĸ)
    Genda Tesshou (ů)
    Ebara Masashi ()
    Nakahara Shigeru (渶)
    Yoshida Rihoko (ݻ)
    Nozawa Masako ()
    • Report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.12.18

    On December 17, there was a second charity event held by the seiyuu production company 81 Produce and Tobu Department Store. The charity was for the victims of the Hanshin earthquake, and the event was held in the outdoor stage on the roof of the Ikebukuro Tobu department store. It was in the open, so everybody was allowed to participate. [Same location as the previous event.]

    This event was not as crowded at the previous one, but there were at least 500 people. Many people did camp out (in the freezing cold!) but it was possible to sit down even if one came just two hours before the event. There were 200 chairs in front of the stage.

    The emcee for the event was Kumagaya Niina, and the event flowed as follows.

    • song session
      (Iwao Junko, Ikezawa Haruna, Shinohara Emi)
    • talk session
      (Genda Tesshou, Ebara Masashi, Nakahara Shigeru, Yoshida Rihoko, Nozawa Masako)
    • photo session

    Before the actual event started, they started giving away a grab bag containing a signature board and a stuffed animal to those who donated at least 1000 yen for the charity. The signature boards were signed by one of the 81 Produce seiyuu. They had prepared 350 of these bags, but they sold out immediately, as the hard core fans kept buying them until they got the signature boards from the seiyuu that they liked.

    song session

    The first half of the event was made up of songs by Iwao Junko, Ikezawa Haruna, and Shinohara Emi.

    Iwao Junko came onto the stage first, and sang Winter Wonderland (in Japanese). Junko also sang Koibito ga Uchuujin nara (the ending song to the anime Mojakou), and Shutter Chance no Renzoku (the image song to the anime Montana Jones).

    Junko also talked about her Christmas concert that she was going to have on 12/23. The evening session is sold out, but there were some tickets available for the afternoon session. Junko also said that her Christmas CD sold out.

    Ikezawa Haruna came onto the stage next, and sang three songs from her new album Sweetie, that had just gone on sale the previous day (12/16). Haruna will also have a Christmas concert on 12/21, and tickets were still available.

    Shinohara Emi was the last one to perform some songs, and she also sang three songs. Emi talked about her book that went on sale recently. She drew some illustrations and some poems for the book.

    Each of the three performers were on stage for around 20 minutes.

    talk session

    The second half of the event was a talk show by the veteran seiyuu. Nozawa Masako, Yoshida Rihoko, Genda Tesshou, Ebara Masashi, and Nakahara Shigeru were the guests, as Kumagaya Niina emceed.

    Nozawa Masako was going to have a Christmas event on 12/22. Instead of a song show like Iwao Junko and Ikezawa Haruna, Masako's show will be a talk show. She will also have Yoshida Rihoko, Yamaguchi Kappei, and Kamiya Akira come as guests.

    Masako also talked about her book that she wrote.

    The talk session lasted for around 30 minutes, and then they moved on to the presents corner.

    Junko, Haruna, and Emi came back onto the stage with their presents. Junko gave away her tambourine that she used while singing earlier, Haruna gave away her new CD, and Emi gave away her book.

    photo session

    After the presents were all given away, they held a very short photo session where anyone with a camera was given the opportunity to take pictures of the seiyuu.

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