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  • Shin Kaitei Gunkan event

    Shin Kaitei Gunkan event
    Asahi Seimei Hall (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
    12:30 - 15:00
    Iwao Junko (˽) [Annette]
    Seki Tomokazu (Ұ) [Arisaka Gou]
    Katayama Kazuyoshi (һ) [director]
    Amano Masamichi (ŷƻ) [music director]
    Kobayashi Makoto () [mecha designer]
    Kishima Nobuaki (ߴֿ) [script writer]
    Yamaki ?? () [animation producer]
    free (need postcard)
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.11.15

    The Shin Kaitei Gunkan event was held in Tokyo on 1995.11.03.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • OAV Shin Kaitei Gunkan episode 1
    • demo film of the Shin Kaitei Gunkan game
    • Talk show
      • talk with the director
      • show original design sketches of the Kaitei Gunkan movie
      • preview film of Kaitei Gunkan movie
      • talk with guests
      • Presents

    OAV Shin Kaitei Gunkan episode 1

    They showed the Shin Kaitei Gunkan (췳) OAV episode 1.

    [Iwao Junko sat one seat away from me. ^_^;]

    demo film of the Shin Kaitei Gunkan game

    After the break, they showed a video of the Shin Kaitei Gunkan game that will come out for the Playstation and Saturn. (I think it was Playstation and Saturn..) The video was only a few minutes long.

    Talk show

    The emcee talked with the director, Katayama Kazuyoshi, about Shin Kaitei Gunkan and Kaitei Gunkan (the original SFX movie that came out over 30 years ago). They showed some slides of the original design sketches of the Kaitei Gunkan movie. The Kaitei Gunkan LD will come out next year. Then they showed the original preview film of the Kaitei Gunkan movie.

    They said that there will be a Shin Kaitei Gunkan radio drama next year (March 1996), and it will be aired on Hayashibara Megumi's Tokyo Boogie Night. It will be a different story from the anime version, and after that the drama CD will come out.

    Then they called the guests onto the stage, and they all sat down behind tables, which had white table cloth on it, along with a microphone.

    Katayama: With a movie, I can ask you to pay 1800 yen to watch it, but with anime the video costs almost 10000 yen. I can't ask you all to buy it, but if you do, it will make us happy.

    Amano: The second episode is currently planned, but the rest is up to how well this one sells. So please buy it if possible.

    Seki: Hello, I'm Seki Tomokazu, doing the role of Arisaka Gou. I moved recently, and my rent went up. So please buy this so there will be more Shin Kaitei Gunkan. I need it to pay my rent. It would make me very happy if you reserve this video on the way home. Also please cheer for me in my other roles.

    Iwao: Hello, I'm Iwao Junko, doing the role of Annette. I plan on reserving two LDs, one for my family and one for me, so everyone please watch this.

    Kobayashi: Hello, I'm Kobayashi Makoto.

    Kishima: The story might be very hard to understand with just one episode. If there are more and more episodes, the many mysteries will be solved. There is a book on sale now that describes a little bit more of the story and background.

    Yamaki: Everyone else is saying "buy it, buy it", so as the producer I'm very happy. But if the sales is good, we can make more and more episodes. We want to make this an anime that surpasses Giant Robo. Please reserve it today if you can.

    Then they moved onto the question corner. Everyone was given a survey form with had space for a question that they can ask the guests. The people who had their questions read were given signed posters.

    Q [to Seki Tomokazu]: You do many high voices. Is it easier?
    Seki: I do a lot of different roles. I do very high voices and very low voices. Both of these are very difficult for me. I haven't done many roles with my normal voice, so I was very happy to get this role in Shin Kaitei Gunkan.
    Then Seki Tomokazu did one of his high voices from Oh Ranger.

    Q [to Kobayashi Makoto]: The weapons and features of the Ragou were probably set already in the anime, but were there any new features that you added?
    Kobayashi: I did it mostly the way I wanted. Most of the designs were mine.

    Q [to Iwao Junko]: If you didn't become a seiyuu, what would you have been doing?
    Iwao: Ever since I was little I wanted to be a seiyuu, and I also love singing. But to answer the question, I also like cooking, so I might have been a dietician, like my mother.

    Q [to Iwao Junko]: How do you feel like doing an enemy role against Inoue Kikuko?
    Iwao: This summer we did a lot together as Osaka Penguin. I had no idea that I would end up doing a role like this, but I'm very happy to be doing this. Actually I wasn't able to do the after recording with Kikuko-san. We are just rivals in the anime, and I don't feel anything against her in real life.
    [Inoue Kikuko did the voice of Avutu, the enemy.]

    Q [to producer]: How much did it cost to make the model in the lobby?
    Yamaki: I don't really want to say.. When I contacted Kobayashi-san, I said that it should be around 5 million yen, but since we have worked on so much together, like Giant Robo, he did it for a very low price. Thank you very much, Kobayashi-san.

    Q: When will the second volume appear? Will it come out next spring?
    Yamaki: Yes, it should. The first one was very difficult, but I hope we can run on schedule for the second one.

    Q [to Kishima Nobuaki]: Is there any difference between the anime and novels?
    Kishima: With the anime, there is a limited time, and it is necessary to put in a certain amount of action scenes. The novel doesn't have those restrictions, so goes deeper into the relationship between Gou and Annette.

    Q [to Amano]: Why did you make the music overseas?
    Amano: They are good, cheap, and fast. We used a 108 person orchestra, and that would have costed too much in Japan. Also many orchestras in Japan don't want to do anime related things. But in other countries, anime has a high status symbol. So it's become easier to do in foreign countries.

    Q [to director]: Were there any difficulties in the after recording?
    Katayama: Not really. We didn't use many military terms. We tried to make it easy for people to understand, and changed the military terms when possible. So there might be places where the military manics will complain about the terms we used.

    Q [to director]: What will take place in the second volume?
    Katayama: We will go deeper into Gou and Annette's relationship. We will find out who Avutu is. So people who have seen the first one will have to see the second one.

    Q [to producer]: Is there anything you have to say about the second volume?
    Yamaki: A lot of the mysteries will be solved. But not all of them. Also the action scenes will be on a much higher scale than in the first volume. So I think it's something that you can really look forward to.

    Then they moved onto the present corner. They gave away Shin Kaitei Gunkan staff T-shirts and signed telephone cards.

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