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  • Idol Chu-mail - 2000.03.01

    Event Idol Chu-mail
    Location Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
    Date 2000.03.01
    Time 19:00 - 21:20
    GuestsTsuchiya Mieko (ڲû)
    Shintani Sayaka (ë)
    Takahira Jun (ɽ)
    Hinano Mayo (ޤ)
    Tanabe Miri (ߤ)
    Ohgoshi Tomoe (ͧ)
    Cost 3000 yen (in advance)
    3500 yen (at the door)
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.03.01

    This monthly live for minor idols is held in a small live house in Shibuya, which can hold around 60 people. It was very packed. The most crowded that I have ever seen it.. I think there were over 150 people. There were many Chinese fans.

    The event started at 19:00, and ended after 21:00. It flowed as follows.

    • KOX idol audition
    • PGST stage
    • Okamoto Eri stage
    • Heart Chu stage
    • Okamoto Hikari stage
    • Akino Hitomi stage

    The KOX idol audition had two girls. Both sang one sone each, and there was a very short talk with the emcee. Then each person from the audience voted on which girl can move on to the next round of the audition.

    The first group was a group of 4 young girls from Taiwan. The name of their group is PGST (or something like that?). There was a TV camera crew too. They sang 7 songs, 6 of them in Chinese and 1 in Japanese. Most of them were fast songs. Similar in style to jpop. Shintani Sayaka was the emcee for this part, and she "translated" what the girls said. (^_^;)

    This is what those Chinese fans came to see, and they left after this group.

    The next singer was Okamoto Eri. She sang 3 songs. She wore overalls and a wool hat. Pretty cute. Eri said she did some seiyuu work in a kids TV show, and did some work in a drama CD.

    Next was Heart Chu. Standard outfit. They sang Tururu Daishouri and Kira Kira. Then Dear Me came out. But it was only Mayo, Tomoe, and Miri. This was the first time that they appeared in this event. They sang Stormy Dune. Then Heart Chu came back, and the six of them together sang Daisuki!. I was a little disappointed that they didn't sing any other idol songs.. After the songs, they talked for a while and announced the upcoming events. Heart Chu will be in Osaka from 3/18 to 3/20.. (^_^;;)

    The next singer was Okamoto Hikari, wearing a cute red one piece with white trim. (Maybe a little late to be santa claus.) She sang a Speed song, a Fukada Kyoko song, and one other pop song. She probably sang more, but I left early. This was the first time I saw her in person. Very cute.

    The last (or "main") singer was Akino Hitomi.

    Oh, I saw Tokunaga Ai in the crowd. (^_^;)

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