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  • Idol Chu-Mail 9

    Event Idol Chu-Mail 9
    Location Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
    Date 2000.10.04
    Time 19:00 - 21:15
    Guests Hirano Midori
    Fujisawa Mikiko
    Ezawa Noriyo
    Suzuki Madoka
    Akino Hitomi
    Kira Kira Melody Gakuen
    Cost 3000 yen (in advance)
    3500 yen (at the door)
    • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.10.15

    The first stage was by three new girls who just released a CD. They all sang their songs individually.

    The next stage was by Fujisawa Mikiko and Hirano Midori. They sang Nagisa no Kagikakko, Morning Coffee, and one other song. They were wearing school girl-like clothes.

    [I had never thought they were cute before, but they did look cute with these clothes.. (^_^;]

    The next stage was by Ezawa Noriyo, who sang two songs.

    The next stage was by Suzuki Madoka, who sang three (or four) songs.

    The next stage was by Kira Kira Melody Gakuen. The Kira Melo guests were Tsuchiya Mieko (ڲû), Hinano Mayo (ޤ), and Inoue Eri.

    They opened by singing Pride. Then they did a medley of songs. Mieko sang first, and sang Anata ni Salad [by Dream Comes True]. Then Mayo sang Bara Iro no Hibi [by MAX], and Eri sang Amazing Love [by Folder 5]. Then they all sang Love and Joy [by Kimura Yuki]. Although it was a medley, Mieko sang the whole song. The others just sang one verse or so.

    The final Kira Melo song was Daisuki.

    The last stage was by Akino Hitomi, who sang four songs.

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