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  • Kira Kira Melody Gakuen radio - 2000.02.20

    Event Kira Kira Melody Gakuen radio
    Location Piaza Matsudo
    Date 2000.02.20
    Time 12:00 - 16:00
    Guests Kira Melo students
    Cost free
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.02.21

    The Kira Kira Melody Gakuen radio broadcasts for February 2000 were held on 2/12 and 2/20. All the groups had short (25 minute) shows.

    The schedule for 2/20 was as follows.

    12:00 Soreyuki Peach Musume Hinano Mayo, Nagano Eriko, Kamei Asaka
    12:30 Pixy's Room Sakurai Sara, Takase Noriko, Obara Mizuku
    13:00 break  
    13:30 Panp x3 Furuuchi Rika, Mamiya Tomoko
    14:00 Kimi no Heart ni Kubittake Matsumoto Chiyomi, Minano Fuuko, Sawai Natsumi
    14:30 break  
    15:00 Heart Chu de iide chu ka? Shintani Sayaka, Tsuchiya Mieko, Takahira Jun
    15:30 Puri Puri Purin Nagai Nobuko, Kuwakado Sora, Sawai Natsumi, Tokunaga Ai, Sakurai Sara

    Some of the hilights..

    Pixy's Room (Sara, Noriko, Mizuku)

    Sakurai Sara has a notebook PC, and she is hooked on the Internet now. She learned from Miri and Fuuko how to write to the Kira Melo BBS. Sara has been writing a lot to the Kira Melo BBS recently. When she connects, she thinks that she is going to use it for 15 minutes or so, but she ends up using it for a couple hours. Many of the Kira Melo girls use the Internet at night, so there are many of them who stay up until very late.

    Takase Noriko said that she usually uses the Internet during the day. So when she writes something to the BBS, she can't see the replies right away (because others won't reply until night).

    Noriko can play the flute and violin. Sara said she can just play the piano.

    Panp x3 (Rika, Tomoko)

    Furuta Hanae was absent because she was sick. Rika and Tomoko sang Tomodachi (by Sakamoto Maaya). Since they weren't allowed to play the music, they sang acapella.

    Tomoko said that she was very disappointed that she didn't get any chocolates for Valentine's day this year.

    Kimi no Heart ni kubittake (Chiyomi, Fuuko, Natsumi)

    Doumen Satomi was sick, so Sawai Natsumi came as a guest. These three were the group Pucchi Puchi, who sang at the Setsubun Live (2000). They sang Say-U (just one verse).

    Heart Chu de iide chu ka? (Sayaka, Mieko, Jun)

    They talked about school lunches that they ate when they were in school. Mieko and Jun said that they didn't like milk. Mieko said that she was probably short because she didn't drink milk when she was little. But Sayaka said that she drank 1.5 liters of milk every day, but that didn't help her grow big.

    Mieko said that she bought a large sized training wear for her gym class when she was in high school, because she thought that she would grow. But she didn't grow much, so her clothes were way too big until graduation. This training wear was what Ohgoshi Tomoe wears in the Kira Melo megane club skit. It fits Tomoe well, as Tomoe is more than 10 cm taller than Mieko.

    Jun also said that she is thinking about changing her hair style. She realized that she looks like Chiyomi and Sara. A fan sent her some pictures that he had taken, but some of those pictures were pictures of Chiyomi. But when Jun looked at them some more, she couldn't tell if they were Chiyomi or herself..

    Puri Puri Purin (Nobuko, Sora, Natsumi, Ai, Sara)

    Ohtsuka Mae was absent today, as she had some work for a movie. (Mae will be appearing in a movie.) So they had Sawai Natsumi, Tokunaga Ai, and Sakurai Sara as guests.

    They talked about what they did on Valentine's Day. Nobuko said that she came to Matsudo for lessons. The only chocolate that she gave was to her father. Ai said she had bought some chocolates for staff members, as she had a meeting that day. But she couldn't find the right timing to give them the chocolates, so she brought them home and ate them herself.

    Nobuko had learned how to make French toast the previous week, when she appeared on Ogura Maiko's radio show. So she tried it out, and made some for Natsumi. But it didn't look like French toast.. she forced everyone to eat some. When Sara asked if Nobuko tasted it herself, Nobuko said that she hadn't.

    Sara was the first one to try.. She had a shocked expression on her face. She didn't say anything. Then Ai tried some. She was laughing until this.. But Ai's face turned to an expression of horror. Natsumi was next, and she really didn't want to eat it.

    Nobuko said that she had a PC, but she couldn't connect it to the Internet.

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