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  • Ninki Say You Special Stage

    Ninki Say You Special Stage
    Kamakura Cinema World
    12:00 - 12:45
    14:00 - 14:45
    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Furuya Tohru (ëŰ)
    1800 yen (cost to get into Cinema World)
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.07.15

    This event wasn't as crowded as I expected. (The weather was bad.. it was raining all day.) I arrived at the Kamakura Cinema World at around 10:30, and there were less than 50 people in line. When it was time to go in (20 minutes before the event), there were probably only 100 or so people in line. There were quite a few "normal" people too, i.e. families and couples who had happened to be in Cinema World that day.

    I sat in the same seat both sessions, in the second row, the far right of the middle section.

    12:00 session

    The stage had two white steel benches (like benches in parks), and there were also three mike stands on the right of the stage. Shocker Ohno came out, and after calling the guests and short introductions, they sat down on the benches. Shocker sat on the one on the right, and Tohru and Machiko sat on the one on the left.

    Looking at the stage, it looked like..

    The benches were slightly angled, so that the people sitting there can talk to each other easier. So from my position, I was looking directly at Machiko.. (^_^)

    Machiko was wearing a navy blue sleeveless top, a white skirt (around knee length), white sandals with high heels, two silver colored bracelets on her left wrist, and no rings on her fingers. She also had her hair up in a pony tail.

    [Since Machiko was wearing a knee length skirt, and the stage was "high".. she tried very hard to keep her knees together. (^_^;;)]

    I forgot what Tohru and Shocker were wearing.. (^_^;)

    Tohru did the voice of Hoshi Hyuuma, Amuro Ray, and Tuxedo Kamen, making the old people, "older boys", and young people happy.


    Tohru did voice of Hyuuma (Kyojin no Hoshi) in 1966. Most people in the audience weren't even born yet, including Machiko. But many people said that they saw the reruns of Kyojin no Hoshi.

    Machiko said she liked Gundam, especially Amuro Ray. When she first met Tohru, her feeling was, "He's different from Amuro."

    When Machiko was in seiyuu school, Tohru came as an instructor. He brought the Kimagure Orange Road movie video (with the voices taken out) and they did the voices to the movie. Machiko said that Tohru said everyone was bad.. Then Tohru quickly added that he remembered that Machiko was good. (^_^;)

    Shocker asked if Tohru and Machiko went drinking together, and they said that they went once (Sailor Moon). Shocker asked them to tell some stories about it, but Tohru said that he couldn't say anything here.
    Tohru added, "I didn't do anything.."

    Recently, there are many games of old anime coming out, and they are using the original seiyuu. Tohru did the recording of Gundam: One Year War. There was a very thick script, and the recording took all day.

    There are lots of Gundams stories now. Machiko said she saw up to Z, and also Char's Counterattack. Tohru said that's the end of real Gundam.

    after recording simulation

    Then Shocker pulled out a script from the new Gundam game, and they all did a scene at the stand mikes (just like an after recording session). Tohru did the voice of Amuro, Machiko did the voice of Lala, and Shocker did the voice of Seira.

    This was just around 1 to 2 minutes.

    Kyojin no Hoshi skit

    Next, they were going to act out a scene of Kyojin no Hoshi. Tohru was going to do the role of Hoshi Hyuuma (the pitcher of the Giants), Machiko was going to do the role of Hyuuma's older sister, and Shocker was going to do the role of the catcher.

    The role of Hanagata Mitsuru (the rival batter) was going to be done by someone from the audience. They got the candidates down to three people by playing janken against Tohru. Then the three people went up onto the stage to "audition" for the role. The three had to say "Hoshi-kun" as Hanagata, and the crowd chose the winner by clapping. The two "losers" also got presents, a signed T-shirt.

    Then they got out the props: baseball hats, gloves, baseball bat. Tohru wore the Giants hat and a baseball glove. (They had a righty glove, but Tohru was lefty. Hoshi Hyuuma was also lefty in the anime.) Shocker wore a catcher's mit, and protectors. Machiko wore a pink apron, and hid behind a cardboard tree.

    Hyuuma had developed a new "disappearing" fastball, and he was going to use it against Hanagata. When Tohru went into the motion to pitch (Hyuuma sticks his leg up into the air, doing a 180 degree splits), Machiko helped him by lifting up his leg (and holding him up).


    At the end, Tohru and Machiko gave out some of their recent information.

    Tohru did a voice in a foreign movie called "Stalker". He did the role that Rob Lowe played. Tomizawa Michie and Fukami Rica also did voices in this movie.

    Tohru also did voices for various games, Gundam (playstation), Z Gundam (Sega Saturn), Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Sega Saturn), and a couple driving games for the playstation.

    There will be a CD-ROM called Comic On vol 5, and there will be a Kimagure Orange Road digital comic with voices on it. Tohru and Tsuru Hiromi recorded voices for it.

    Tohru also sang some songs for a compilation CD (on sale 9/26 by Crown) called "Ani Cover Seiyuu Daishuugou". It's a CD containing several old anime songs. Tohru sang the songs to Gatchaman, Mazinger Z, Uchuu Senkan Yamato, and Ashita no Joe (none of which he did voices for). In addition to Tohru, Tomizawa Michie, Minaguchi Yuko, Minami Omi, Ikura Kazu, Iwao Junko, and Ikezawa Haruna also sang songs for it.

    Machiko said that she recently likes Pikachu (from Pocket Monster), and she got to do the role of Tatsuu (?) one of the monsters for the Pocket Monster TV anime. The recording was held the previous day, so it will be going on the air pretty soon. Machiko said that she was very happy to be able to do Pocket Monster.

    14:00 session

    Tohru and Machiko wore the same clothes as in the first session.

    When Machiko came out, the crowd yelled "Machirin!", so Shocker asked if that was her nickname. She said that it was. Machiko introduced herself as doing the pink haired girl in Jigoku Sensei Nubee. Her character will also be in the summer movie.


    They talked about the movies that had the most impression on them.

    Tohru said that it was the movie that he went to see on his first date, Romeo and Juliet. He was in third year of junior high, and he was very moved by the movie.

    Tohru was doing Kyojin no Hoshi at that time (third year junior high). He went to the recording sessions every Saturday wearing his school uniform. There was even a time when he took his girl friend to the recording.

    Machiko said that she liked watching French movies recently, such as Leon and Nikita.

    Shocker read out some of the roles that Tohru had done in anime. There were over 150 roles, and among them 43 were lead roles. Tohru's debut was in "Kaizoku Ouji". He was a student, so he had to take a day off from school to do the voice work.

    Tohru said that "Genma Taisen" was the movie that left the most impression on him, among the movies that he had done himself. Machiko said that she really liked "Genma Taisen" also.

    Tohru also has his own "club" on niftyserve, called "Pegasus Hero Club". He said that "pegasus" (taken from Pegasus Seiya in Saint Seiya) was his nickname. Machiko said that it was a cute nickname, and that she might call him "Pegasus" when she sees him.

    Tohru also likes wind surfing.

    Machiko said that she saw Star Wars for the fist time at a movie theater recently. Before she had only seen it on video. She said that it was totally different watching it on the large screen.

    Tohru and Machiko worked on Sailor Moon together. They said that Tohru was Tuxedo Kamen and Machiko was Sailor Moon. Of course they were joking, and they said that Machiko did the role of Pallapalla in Sailor Moon Supers.

    after recording simulation

    Then Shocker pulled out a script of Sailor Moon Supers episode 153. It was an episode where Pallapalla played a major role. Machiko said that it was the first time that she spoke so much.

    They did a scene from the episode, with Tohru doing Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen, Machiko doing Pallapalla, and Shocker doing Usagi and Chibi Usa.

    This was around 2 minutes.

    Machiko was very cute, as she moved around when saying her lines. (She bent her knees and moved her hips and such when talking, acting just like a cute Pallapalla.)

    Machiko said that it was embarrassing to do the voice of Pallapalla in front of people, because she moves so much.

    Kyojin no Hoshi skit

    Next, they did the Kyojin no Hoshi skit, just like the first session. The one chosen to do the role of Hanagata was a 14 year old girl, who was very good. Hanagata is a male character, a cool male character, but she did the voice very well.
    (The voice sounded similar to the way Nagasaki Moe does male voices..)

    When the girl spoke, Machiko said, "Kakkoii.."

    Tohru won the "duel", but he wasn't feeling too happy, as the crowd (and his sister [Machiko]) cheered for the girl. (^_^;)

    This time, the present was a signed Giants hat (the one Tohru wore during the skit). Also Machiko took off the pink apron, and signed that to give as a present.


    Tohru said that he will be playing during the summer.. Then he gave out the same information as that in the first session.

    Machiko said that she would be doing a lot of events this summer. On 8/2, she will have an event in Ginza with Kuwashima Houko.

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