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  • Machiko ga Irukara

    Event Machiko ga Irukara
    Location Sunshine City, Ikebukuro
    Date 1998.09.19
    Time 16:00 - 19:00
    Guests Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Cost free to watch
    1050 yen to shake hands
    • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.09.21

    The event for Toyoshima Machiko's second single Anataga Irukara. took place on September 19, 1998 at the Fountain Area in Sunshine City. The event was open to anyone, but the area in front of the stage (roped off) was reserved to the first 300 people who bought the CD.

    [I got there at around 11:00 (5 hours before the event), and got number 251.]

    They didn't allow pictures at the event today! (;_;)
    [I bought 10 rolls of film for this too.. ]

    The event was fairly crowded, just as crowded as the previous ones by Machiko, but not as crowded as the Hori Pro idol event. The emcee was Minky Yas.

    After Machiko came out onto the stage and introduced herself, the first song was Anataga Irukara.

    Machiko was wearing a blue and white checkered shirt (no sleeves), and white long pants. She also had her hair in a pony tail, and had a bandana tied to her hair. But the bandana fell off while Machiko was singing.

    Machiko wrote the lyrics to Anataga Irukara. She said it was very difficult.

    Then Machiko sang Jibun no Ichiban and Set Me Free.

    The next corner was the cult quiz corner.

    The questions were as follows.

    Q: What was the name of the bird that Sugihara Manami saved?
    A: Picchi-chan.

    Q: What is the second song that Machiko wrote the lyrics to?
    A: Doyou no Tsuki.
    1) Koneko to Ojisan, 2) Doyoubi no Tsuki, 3) Jibun no Ichiban, 4) Anataga Irukara.

    Q: What did Pallapalla want to be?
    A: A dentist.

    Q: What is the name of the school that Mighting Machiko-sensei taught at?
    A: Arama Gakuen.

    Q: What is the name of the school in Gakuen Seishun Monogatari?
    A: Obishi (OBC) Gakuen.

    Q: What is the name of the character that Machiko plays in Pensacola?
    A: Janine.

    Q: What is the color of drink that Machiko drank in the video Minimum, when she is singing "Set Me Free"?
    A: Blue.

    The people who answered correctly got a signed poster.

    Machiko's first mini album (with 8 songs) will go on sale in November. The title is Tongari Tenshi.

    Machiko said that the To Heart radio show will be ending in October. But Machiko will have a new radio show.

    Machiko said that she will go to the Tokyo Game Show in October (Kaitou Ranma, Friends, and main stage on Sunday).

    Then Machiko sang Watashi ha Machiko.

    After the event, there was a handshake session for those who bought the CD. It was possible to go shake hands many times. One handshake for each CD bought. They sold over 900 CDs, and the handshake session took over 2 hours!

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