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  • Mitsukoshi Charity Auction - 1995.05.21

    Mitsukoshi Charity Auction
    Mitsukoshi Department Store outdoor stage (Nihonbashi)
    13:00 - 16:30
    Tomizawa Michie (ҷ)
    Fukami Rica ()
    Ogata Megumi ()
    Shocker Ohno (å)
    Minky Yas (ߥ󥭡䤹)
    Ichijou Kazuya ()
    Yukino Satsuki (ǵ޷)
    Tange Sakura (ð)
    Ikezawa Haruna (߷պ)
    Makishima Naoki (ľ)
    Kamiya Akira (ë)
    Nozawa Masako ()
    Han Keiko (߯û)
    Ikura Kazu (Ұ)
    Nakao Ryuusei (δ)
    Kanemaru Jun'ichi (ݽ߰)
    Hidaka Noriko (Τ)
    Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)
    • Report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.05.23

    On May 21, there was a charity auction event featuring many Sailor Moon seiyuu, and other seiyuu at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi. The charity was for the victims of the Hanshin earthquake. This event was in the open, so everybody was allowed to participate. Pictures were allowed too. I only took 5.5 rolls. (^_^)

    There were MANY people.. maybe a thousand or so. They had around 200 chairs, but those were taken by people who had camped out from the previous night. Some of my friends had an extra seat, so they asked me to take pictures from the second row. (^_^;;)

    The event flowed as follows.

    • rehearsal (30 minutes before the event.. ^_^)
    • song, talk
    • auction

    Because of the guests (Ogata Megumi and Kanemaru Jun'ichi), there were MANY junior high or high school girls.

    song, talk

    The first song was a duet by Tomizawa Michie and Fukami Rica. They sang Moonlight Densetsu and Otome no Policy. They talked a little about Sailor Moon. Tomizawa Michie said that Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako will also power up. Michie had gone to a Crayon Shin-chan golf tournament the previous day, so she said that her body was hurting. She said that there were 40 people who participated, and she won! (She won the female section.. as she was the only female.)
    During the music part of Otome no Policy, they yelled out, "Mars star power, make up!", "Venus star power, make up!", "Uranus star power, make up!" (Ogata Megumi came out too), "Fire soul!", and "Venus love me chain!"

    The next guest was Ogata Megumi. She sang Endless Love, from her first album Half Moon.

    The next guests were the young seiyuu. Shocker Ohno and Minky Yas came on the stage as the emcee. The seiyuu guests were Ichijou Kazuya (a dog in Galkeever), Yukino Satsuki (various kids roles in Crayon Shin-chan), Tange Sakura (Suzu in Marmalade Boy), Ikezawa Haruna (various girl and animal roles in Wedding Peach), and Makishima Naoki (Mughi in Dirty Pair, a ninja in Goldrun).

    The young seiyuu were asked why they wanted to be a seiyuu..

    Ikezawa Haruna
    I don't know myself. When I went to an after recording for the first time, I thought that the background sounds would be all there. But it was very quiet, and I didn't know when I was supposed to talk.
    Tange Sakura
    I always wanted to do voice work. But my first job was pictures. I made lots of mistakes in my first voice work.
    Yukino Satsuki
    When I was in high school I wanted to be a seiyuu. I saw the advertisement in the magazines, and I sent in a sample tape. I got scolded, as I hadn't done is very seriously. Then I decided to come to Tokyo to study voices.
    Ichijou Kazuya
    I entered Dracon and I won, so it started from there.

    The next guest was Kamiya Akira, and there was short talk session. This event came to be when Kamiya Akira and Tomizawa Michie decided to do something during a recording for Sailor Moon. Akira said that they wanted to do another similar event later this year, and one every year from now on.
    Akira said that he will release a solo album this summer. Then he sang Taiyou no Namida.

    Then they called out the veteran seiyuu: Nozawa Masako, Han Keiko, Ikura Kazu, and Nakao Ryuusei. There was a short talk session again.

    Next Kanemaru Jun'ichi sang Ue wo Muite Arukou. After the song, there was a little talk session. Jun'ichi is currently writing a column in the Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine. He wants to write more, and next spring it will come out in a book.

    The last song was by Hidaka Noriko, and she sang Megami ga Kureta Ichibyou. She also said that there will be a new single by the Banana Fritters (Seki Toshihiko, Yamadera Kouichi, Hidaka Noriko) in June.


    Then all of the guests came out with the things that they brought for the auction. They didn't do it in a normal auction style, as they wanted to keep the prices low. Most of the winners were chosen by janken.

    Some of the things were as follows.

    Fukami Rica
    Signed Sailor Venus doll and Sailor Venus make-up kit. Also a playdia game machine (because a Fukami Rica software was going to come out soon).
    Tomizawa Michie
    Some Sailor Moon goods.. [I forgot]
    Ogata Megumi
    T-shirts with a drawing of Haruka, Kurama, and other characters. Ogata Megumi had drawn them herself, and it was VERY good.
    Mitsuishi Kotono [she wasn't there]
    Signed poster, CD, etc.
    Kanemaru Jun'ichi
    Various old clothes.
    Hikami Kyoko
    Signed Wedding Peach script and cel.
    Signed Cyber Formula CD singles.
    Shocker Ohno
    Kamen Rider UFO catcher dolls, Super Hero toys.
    Nakao Ryuusei
    Signed Montana Jones videos.
    T-shirt, hat.
    Hidaka Noriko
    T-shirt, signed poster, CD.

    There were also 5 signature boards with everybody's signatures on it.

    After the auction was over, everyone gave their final comments. Just then Hikami Kyoko came. She had some been doing some work until then.

    my picutes

    I brought lots of film, but I only took 5.5 rolls, as I sold my film to my friends ran out of their film. (^_^;;) It was outdoors and the weather was cloudy. But it was still bright enough to take decent pictures. (I didn't go pick up my pictures yet.) But towards the end of the event it started getting dark, so I used the flash. (I'm not sure if it worked at that distance of 15 meters.)

    My picture breakdown is as follows..

    Tange Sakura 41
    Hidaka Noriko 36
    Tomizawa Michie 24
    Fukami Rica 16
    Hikami Kyoko 13
    Ogata Megumi 12
    Fukami Rika, Tomizawa Michie 7
    Kanemaru Jun'ichi, Tange Sakura, Ikezawa Haruna 7
    Ikezawa Haruna 7
    Kamiya Akira 4
    Han Keiko 4
    Tange Sakura, Ikezawa Haruna, Ogata Megumi 3
    Tange Sakura, Ikezawa Haruna, Yukino Satsuki 2
    Han Keiko, Ikura Kazu, Nozawa Masako 2
    Ikura Kazu 2
    Tomizawa Michie, Hidaka Noriko 2
    Ikezawa Haruna, Nozawa Masako 2
    Hidaka Noriko, Ikezawa Haruna 2
    Tange Sakura, Tomizawa Michie 2
    Fukami Rika, Tomizawa Michi, Hidaka Noriko 1
    Fukami Rika, Tomizawa Michi, Ogata Megumi 1
    Han Keiko, Ikura Kazu 1
    Han Keiko, Nozawa Masako 1
    everyone 3

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