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  • Kamiya Akira Charity Concert

    Kamiya Akira Charity Concert III
    Mitsukoshi Department store, Nihonbashi
    13:00 - 15:30 (?)
    Kamiya Akira (ë)
    Nozawa Masako
    Tomizawa Michie (ҷ)
    Fukami Rica ()
    Yoshida Konami
    Ikura Kazue
    Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)
    Ikezawa Haruna (߷պ)
    Iwai Yukiko
    Enomoto Mikiko
    Kanemaru Junichi
    Takato Yasuhiro
    Ichijou Kazuya
    Fukutoku Hajime
    Chiba Susumu
    Ohkawa Chiho
    Furukawa Takako (singer)
    Shocker Ohno
    • Report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.12.24
      [some information provided by Robert DeLoura]

    This was the third charity concert that Kamiya Akira (and friends) has done at the Mitsukoshi Department store in Nihonbashi. This event was very crowded. It was very sunny, but it got colder and colder during the day.

    Since I had another concert later this day, I only stayed for about one hour and a half.

    There was a short "rehearsal" at around 13:00. All of the seiyuu came out and sang the song. There were many people with cameras, and we were taking pictures, but they announced that pictures would not be allowed during the event.

    The event started late at around 13:20. The seiyuu came out one by one to "auction" off their personal belongings. It wasn't a "real" auction, as they tried not to let the prices sky-rocket. They topped off the bids at arbitrary points, and chose the winners themselves. It was usually people who "stood out" the most.

    After several people auctioned off their stuff, all of the seiyuu came onto the stage, and they sang the two songs Midori no Hoshi and Mafuyu no Nagareboshi. These two songs were by the group "With You", (all of the seiyuu who appeared, plus several more) and all the money made from this CD will go directly to charity.

    There will be some more "With You" events in January, February, and March next year.

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