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  • Gekkou no Fuan

    Event Gekkou no Fuan
    Location Theater V Akasaka
    Date-Time 1997.02.21, 19:00-
    1997.02.22, 15:00-, 19:00-
    1997.02.23, 13:00-, 17:00-
    Main performers Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
    Moriya Hisoka (ë̩)
    Miyagawa Miho ()
    Mimori Rei ()
    Hashimoto Asobi (ͷ)
    Cost 3000 yen
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.02.28

    Gekkou no Fuan was the play featuring the "new" performers of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan. The lead role was done by Nagasaki Moe, with a special performance by Moriya Hisoka.

    [although they say Moe was the "lead" role, Hisoka was probably the main character..]

    I went to the performance on 2/22 (night) and 2/23 (day). They had a video camera in the back on 2/23, so I hope this gets released on video someday.

    Before the play, Asakura Kaoru and Sakurai Tomo came out to talk for a little while (5 to 10 minutes). On 2/22, Tomo was wearing a black-ish outfit. On 2/23, she was wearing a white-ish outfit. [or maybe it's reversed..] Tomo was VERY cute!

    The story of the play itself was very interesting, but also very hard to understand some of the parts.

    The play itself was around 60 minutes.

    Nagasaki Moe played the role of Louis/Rui, a vampire who had come to Japan to drink some new blood because the blood in his body was starting to rot after 300 years. Most of the time Moe spoke in a voice of a vampire, with male words. Moe's acting and dancing was very good too.

    [Moe-chan was too cute to put into words!]

    Gekkou no Fuan story

    On a rainy night, five members of the ESP club in southern kanto met at 2 AM. They were all called by Yamada Mamoru (Moriya Hisoka), as Mamoru felt that two vampires had come to Japan. The vampires came to Japan every 300 years to get some new blood, and they have been doing this for 1500 years. The Yamada family had been fighting them. Mamoru said that the vampires would go after a beautiful 16 year old girl.

    The other members were Hagiwara Ryoutarou, Tanigawa Kei, Tomioka Tae, and Kurahashi Yuri, but they were normal students who just had some interest in ESP. They didn't have any real powers.

    [scene change]

    The two vampires, Christine (Miyagawa Miho) and Louis (Nagasaki Moe) were in the Kamiyoshi residence. They were speaking in French, but Louis told Christine to speak "En Japonais." [in Japanese] Christine had already gotten some new blood in France, but Louis still needed some new blood.

    Louis was going around as a high school girl, Kamiyoshi Rui.

    [scene change]

    After school, Tomioka and Kurahashi introduced Rui to the other members of the ESP club. When Mamoru saw Rui, she asked, "Are you a virgin?" Then Rui slapped Mamoru and left.

    Mamoru and the others thought that Rui would be the kind of girl that the vampire would go after.

    Then some street punks came by and began to pick a fight with Mamoru, Hagiwara, and Tanigawa. But Mamoru used his supernatural powers to scare the punks away.

    [scene change]

    Christine and Louis were in the Kamiyoshi residence. Louis had killed the real Rui in France, but she wasn't pure, so Louis had to come to Japan to find a pure girl. Louis wanted the perfect blood of the pure girl who loved him.

    [scene change]

    300 years ago, a girl fell in love with Louis who was disguised as a young man. They danced together.

    [scene change]

    Kurahashi Yuri was performing the role of a 16 year old girl (the same girl who fell in love with the vampire 300 years ago) in a school play. They were practicing, but the teacher noticed that Yuri wasn't concentrating.

    Yuri ran off, to be with Rui, as Yuri had fallen in love with Rui. Just as Rui was going to bite into Yuri, Tomioka came and saw them. Rui used her powers to silence Tomioka.

    [scene change]

    Mamoru, Hagiwara, and Tanigawa were shocked that Tomioka had committed suicide. Then Yuri and Rui came, and Rui joined the ESP club. Rui invited everyone to her house, but Yuri couldn't go. So Mamoru took Yuri home, as Rui walked home with Hagiwara and Tanigawa.

    As they were walking, Yuri told Mamoru that she loved Rui, but that Rui didn't love her. Yuri felt that Rui loved Mamoru.

    Meanwhile, Christine found and killed Mamoru's grandfather.

    The same punks that bothered them appeared again, in front of Rui, Hagiwara, and Tanigawa. This time, Rui used her powers, and killed one of the punks, and also tore off Rei's arm.

    Mamoru felt the vampire's powers and rushed to Rui's house.

    [scene change]

    Rui brought Hagiwara and Tanigawa (in a trance) back to her house. Christine wanted them, and took them to her room.

    Then Mamoru arrived. As Mamoru sat down to talk to Rui, there were screams in the background. Then Christine came back. When Rui introduced Mamoru to her, Christine used her power to lure Mamoru.

    [dance scene]

    Mamoru danced as if he was under a spell. Rui and Christine also danced. Very spooky music.. A very dark and dynamic dance.

    During the dance, Rui had a chance to drink Mamoru's blood, but didn't.

    [scene change]

    Mamoru: How can I cure you?
    Rui: Why didn't you fight me?
    Mamoru: No matter what powers I use, I can't make them come back to life.
    Rui: You knew?
    Mamoru: I couldn't believe it until I heard Tanigawa and Hagiwara's screams.

    Christine was going to finish off Mamoru, but some powers held her back.

    Mamoru begged Rui to bring back Tanigawa, Hagiwara, and Tomoika. Rui agreed. But Christine argued with Rui.

    Then Mamoru's grandfather's spirit came to take Christine. Christine's clothes ripped off.. and she was left wearing a tight white leotards with angel wings. Then Christine got taken away.

    Mamoru: Can't you live like a human?
    Rui blasted Mamoru.
    Mamoru: Drinking the blood of someone that loves you. You call that living!
    Rui blasted Mamoru.

    Mamoru's shirt got ripped off.. to reveal that he was actually a she.

    Rui asked Mamoru to live with her permanently.. But Mamoru refused.
    Rui: Why?
    Mamoru: Because I'm human. Even if I can only live for a short time, I want to love somebody. Even if that person was a vampire..

    Mamoru was in Rui's arms.

    Mamoru: You got what you wanted. Just like 300 years ago, you found someone who would give up her life because she loved you..

    Mamoru fainted, and Rui went to drink her blood.. But she didn't. Rui just covered Mamoru with her school blazer, and left Mamoru on the ground.

    Later Mamoru woke up, to see Tanigawa, Hagiwara, Tomioka, and Kurahashi, all alive and well.

    The next day at school, the teacher announced a new student, Kamiyoshi Rui, who had returned to Japan.

    [end of play]

    After the play ended, the song Akogare ni Mukatte started playing. All the performers came out onto the stage, from the minor roles to major roles. Moe came out last, and thanked everyone.

    [The song Akogare ni Mukatte is on Actress II. ]

    Then everyone danced to "Akogare ni Mukatte", with Moe in the center. (^_^)
    [A VERY nice dance, just like at Tomo's Christmas Fantasy Live '96. ]

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