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  • Sancha Festival 2000

    Event Sancha Festival 2000
    Location Sangenjaya
    Date 2000.08.27
    Time 12:00 - 18:00
    Guests Listed below
    Cost Free to watch
    • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.09.08

    Kira Kira Melody Gakuen was one of the guests at the Sancha Festival 2000, which took place on 8/27 in Sangenjaya. The event took place in a little park near Sangenjaya, and was open to the public. There was a stage set up, but there was a big tree right in front of the stage.

    The rehearsals started a little before 11:00. The Kira Melo girls came in their street clothes, and they sang (and danced) the following.

    • Pride (half the song)
    • Kira Para Fire (whole song)
    • Daisuki (whole song)
    • Soba ni Itai (half)
    • Idol ha Kitto Sekai wo Sukuu (half)
    • Kira Kira (half)
    The girls who appeared were: Nagai Nobuko (永井信子), Shintani Sayaka (新谷さや香), Tsuchiya Mieko (土屋美恵子), Takahira Jun (高比良純), Hinano Mayo (雛野まよ), Tanabe Miri (田邊みり), Ohgoshi Tomoe (大越友恵), Takase Noriko (高瀬典子), Sakurai Sara (桜井紗良), Sawai Natsumi (沢井なつ美), Matsumoto Chiyomi (松本智代美), Kuwakado Sora (桑門そら).

    Kira Melo's real stage began at 12:15 or so (it was supposed to be 12:00, but they were running late). All the girls were wearing the school uniform, and they sang the following.

    • Pride
    • Soba ni Itai (Dear Me)
    • Idol ha Kitto Sekai wo Sukuu (Heart Chu)
    • Kira Para Fire
    • Daisuki
    The emcees for the event were Nagai Nobuko and Shintani Sayaka. Nobuko introduced Dear Me as a "quool" group (qute and cool).

    The Kira Melo stage lasted for around 30 minutes.

    Kira Melo had their second stage of the day at around 15:00, but I couldn't stay for that one. (Looking at the pictures that some of my friends took, some of the girls changed their hair styles for the second event.)

    There were some other idols/seiyuu at the Sancha Festival also. Tsuchiya Ayuko sang a song, and Hashimoto Yuu, Moriya Hisoka (currently going under a different name), and Taguchi Minako sang a medley of anime songs.

    Since this event took place outdoors, photos/videos were allowed. I only took 10 rolls of pics, but also got the event on video. I had brought my tripod (for the video camera), but I didn't bring my monopod. I should have.. My arms are getting weaker, and also my camera is getting heavier. (^_^;)

    Although I couldn't get a video of the Kira Melo parapara the previous day, Daisuki event at Live Inn Magic, I got it at this event! Now I can study the Kira Melo parapara moves. (^_^;

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