Hanana Mio no Feel The Magic

Event Dark Kingdom
Stage Hanana Mio no Feel the Magic
Location Club Citta (Kawasaki)
Date 2015.10.20
Time 17:00 - ?
Guests Hanana Mio (ߺ)
Hata Sawako (»)
Cost 2500 yen + drink (500 yen)
  • event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2015.10.30

On October 20, 2015, there was an event called Dark Kingdom at Club Citta. This went was a live band song event featuring many groups. One of the performers was Hanana Mio (a former Takarazuka actress), and Hata Sawako was a guest for Mio's stage.

There were a few chairs along the sides (several rows of 3 folding chairs), a couple tables in the middle area, and an open area in front of the stage for people to stand.

I arrived a little after 18:00 and there were less than 100 people. The area in front of the stage wasn't full, but most of the chairs were taken.

Mio and Sawako's stage was scheduled to begin around 18:45, and more people arrived before then. But there were only around 50 people who went to the front and stood close to the stage.

Most of Sawako's fans stood on the right side, and there were around 20 Sawako fans. Mio's fans stood in the middle and left side, and there were around 20 to 30 people.

The previous stage ended around 18:40, so the band members came out and started setting up the stage. While this was going on, the emcee was talking with the previous performer.

The emcee announced that photos/videos weren't allowed for Mio's stage. They were allowed for all other stages..

Hanana Mio's stage started at 18:48.

There were 8 band members, and 1 chorus (Tokunaga Mariko). They had formed this band just for this event.

Mio was wearing a white dress, and had mickey mouse ears. She sang "Feel The Magic". After the song, she took off the mouse ears, and talked for a little bit. Then she sang her second song "Jiyuu he no Tobira".

After the second song Mio called for her guest. Sawako walked onto the stage from the right side. She was wearing a light blue (?) one piece, with no sleeves, above the knee length. Her hair was tied up, and she had a flower in her hair (left side). She was wearing white heeled shoes.

Mio and Sawako talked for a couple minutes. They said that she met around 4 years ago, when Sawako went to see Mio's Takarazuka play. But they didn't talk much back then, and had only become friends recently.

Mio and Sawako sang "A Whole New World" (Japanese version). Mio sang the Aladdin parts, and Sawako sang the Jasmine parts. Sawako sang in a very very high voice.

After the song Sawako was going to leave the stage, but Mio called to her and asked if she had any announcements to make. Sawako said that there will be a Venus Project Live on 11/27. Then Sawako left.

After Sawako left, Mio sang "So Close" and "Omoi wo Tsutaete" (That's How You Know).

Then Mio made some announcements. She will participate in a cosplay event in April 2016.

The last song for Mio's stage was "Feel the Magic". After Mio started singing, Sawako came back onto the stage. She sang along with Mio for this song.

Mio's stage was a little less than 30 minutes. She sang all Disney songs.

After Mio's stage, while the next band was setting up for their stage, Mio and Sawako went to the left side of the stage to talk with the emcee. But Mio and Sawako basically ignored the emcee and talked by themselves for around 5 minutes.

Sawako said she was a "city girl" now, and lives in Tokyo (inside the 23 wards). Until recently she lived in Saitama.

Overall Sawako was on the stage for less than 15 minutes, but the trip to Kawasaki was well worth it.

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