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    Sentimental Graffiti the Fineday
    Big Sight
    10:00 - 17:00
    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Suzuki Mariko (Τ)
    Yonemoto Chizu ()
    Mannaka Yukiko (ͳ)
    Oda Michiko (һ)
    Maeda Ai (İ)
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Suzuki Urarako ()
    Nishiguchi Yuka (ͭ)
    Makishima Yuki (ͭ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Konno Hiromi ()
    1000 yen
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.07.31
    • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.08.01

    On July 30, 1997, the Sentimental Graffiti the Fineday event took place at the Tokyo Big Sight (just one of the western halls). [That's how they spelled it.] I got there around 10:10, and there was a line outside the building, in the rain. There were over 3000 people there already.

    This event was half seiyuu talk show, and half goods sale. There were around 800 seats in front of the main stage, which was mostly filled up by the time I got inside. But there were a few individual seats open here and there.

    For the goods section, each goods maker set up a booth. There were T-shirts, telephone cards, figures, etc. Some of them things that you can only buy here. Some of the booths had VERY long lines, others had no lines at all.

    During the day, there were two talk shows by the seiyuu (11:30 and 13:30). They originally planned to have three, but they reduced it to two.

    talk show 1

    The first talk show started at 11:30 and ended at 12:00. I sat in seat G35 (left side of the stage, 8th row). There were a few hundred people standing around the outside.

    First, the 12 cosplay girls, wearing the Sentimental Graffiti game school uniforms, came out.

    Then Oda Michiko and Suzuki Mariko came out, followed by the other ten seiyuu. This was the first time that the twelve seiyuu gathered together for an event.

    The 12 seiyuu sat in chairs on the stage, in two rows.

    Okada Junko Suzuki Urarako Nishiguchi Yuka Makishima Yuki Okamoto Asami Konno Hiromi
    Oda Michiko Yonemoto Chizu Toyoshima Machiko Suzuki Mariko Mannaka Yukiko Maeda Ai

    [Luckily Okada Junko was on the left side!]

    There was an introduction of all the seiyuu.

    Toyoshima Machiko
    Machiko was wearing an orange Miffy short sleeve T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and gym shoes. She had orange clips in her hair, on both sides.
    She said that she only slept one or two hours the previous night. (She had a late night radio show.)
    Suzuki Mariko
    Mariko was wearing a long, purple one piece, with a little horse pin badge (same badge that Honoka wears).
    This was the first time she came to an event.
    Yonemoto Chizu
    Chizu was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, and black long pants. Her hair was in long pony tail in the back.
    I'm happy there are so many people.
    Mannaka Yukiko
    Yukiko was wearing a green checkered top, khaki colored long pants.
    Oda Michiko
    Michiko was wearing a long, yellow one piece.
    Thank you for coming in the rain.
    Maeda Ai
    Ai was wearing a long blue skirt, and light blue top. She also had very high heels.
    I'm very happy to be in front of everyone.
    Okada Junko
    Junko was wearing a beige, flower design one piece, over a light beige one piece (two piece set outfit).
    I'll try my best today, please enjoy it.
    Suzuki Urarako
    Urarako was wearing a blue one piece, a light purple top over it, and a white cardigan over that.
    "Minna genki?"
    Nishiguchi Yuka
    Yuka was wearing a reddish purple China dress (short) and black tights.
    Makishima Yuki
    Yuki was wearing a bright blue, flower sun dress (sleeveless), and her hair was tied up, and there were some ornaments in her hair.
    "Ohayou gozaimasu!"
    Okamoto Asami
    Asami was wearing a short brown one piece, over a frilly white top. She had two large sunflower clips in her hair, with two pony tails off the sides.
    Konno Hiromi
    Hiromi was wearing a red and white China shirt top, and black China shorts.

    Everyone was holding a little Sentimental Graffiti fan.

    There were two emcees, from NEC Interchannel and Marcus.

    Each girl talked about sadness, which was the theme of Sentimental Graffiti.

    Some of the comments were:

    She gets very saddened when someone who promised to call her doesn't call.
    She was sitting on the back seat of the bus, and when the bus suddenly stopped she ran all the way to the front.
    She made chocolate for someone, but that person didn't come, so she ate it herself.
    She feels saddened whenever she looks into her empty wallet..
    There is going to be a concert at Ohmiya, and she called her family. Her mother and older brother said that they would come, but her father couldn't. She just found out that her father was going to go play golf the day before and he couldn't take two days off from work. So her father chose golf over her..
    Her eyes aren't very good, but she was out without her glasses and had to go to the toilet. She went to the closest one, and discovered that everyone was standing..

    The emcees said that Sentimental Graffiti will go on sale in November.. (they hope)

    Then some of the girls presented their "homework". Yuka and Yuki read out some information about Sentimental Graffiti goods, by Banpresto. Then Yukiko and Ai gave some information about Tsukuda Hobby goods (figures).

    At the end, there were some presents for those who were in the seats. The girls drew numbers out of the box to choose the seat numbers. There were 12 signed Sentimental Graffiti T-shirts given away, one of each girl.

    talk show 2

    The second talk show started at 13:30 and ended at 14:30. I sat in seat G32 (left side of the stage, 8th row). There might have been a little bit less people standing around this time, compared to the first session.

    The 12 cosplay girls came out in the Sentimental Graffiti school uniforms.

    Then Ai and Machiko came out and talked for a while (in their character voices). They took a simple poll and asked how many junior high students, high school students, college students, and workers there were. It was mostly high school and college students. There were quite a few workers too, although it was a weekday. (^_^;)

    There were introductions of each of the seiyuu again. Everyone was wearing the same clothes.

    Machiko said she walked around for an hour and a half to find the Miffy T-shirt.

    The seiyuu had finished with all the voice recording, and song recordings. They talked about doing the voices and singing.

    Some of the comments were:

    Manami is quiet and weak, but it takes a lot of energy to do. With games we do the voices of a lot of different situations in a row. Since Manami cries a lot, it was hard whenever I had to change scenes.
    The scene where the main character moves was very touching.
    I'm not very different from Chie, so it wasn't that difficult. But there were some scenes where I wanted to yell at her, "Confess to him!" There are many different scenes in the game where you can see the feminine side of Chie.
    I did the recording all alone, so I was lonely. Also I read the script at home the night before and cried. I tried to psyche myself up for the recording, but I also cried during the recording.
    The childhood scenes were 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade. I had to make them all different. It's just a little bit different. I hope you can tell the difference.
    There were many scenes where Yuu sleeps, so I tried to practice at home. But when I listened to it, it was too sexy, and it would give the feeling of a different kind of game, so I didn't do it that way.
    I was very nervous at the free talk section of the CD.
    People told me that I had my pinky sticking out, and I was moving while I was singing.

    Then everyone did a short talk in each of their character voices.

    Endo Akira, Yamamoto Rurika, Nanase Yuu, Hosaka Miyuki, Hoshino Asuka, and Adachi Taeko had short talks.

    Junko did Taeko's voice in Tohoku-ben [northern Japan dialect].

    Morii Kaho, Matsuoka Chie, Sawatari Honoka, Ayasaki Wakana, Nagakura Emiru, and Sugihara Manami left a short message in the answering machine.

    Then some of the girls presented their "homework". Chizu and Michiko read some information about the Lets figure, with a 30 second voice message. Asami and Hiromi read information from NEC Avenue. The "present" that will go to those who buy all 12 CDs will not be a drawing. Everyone will get one! They also said that all 9 CDs (released so far) have made it into the Oricon rankings (top 100). Machiko and Mariko read information about Movic goods. Then Junko and Urarako read information about Kadokawa Shoten, which publishes the magazine Sneaker, which contains a Sentimental Graffiti short story.

    At the end, there were some presents for those who were in the seats. This time there were two T-shirts per girl.

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