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  • Buzz Vibits broadcast - 1997.12.23

    Buzz Vibits broadcast
    Taito Game Center (Shibuya)
    19:30 - 21:00
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Nakayama Manami (滳)
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.12.24

    Buzz Vibits is a weekly "radio" show, broadcast from inside the Taito Game Center in Shibuya. [It's broadcast to other Taito Game Centers all over Japan.]

    On December 23, 1997, they had two seiyuu from the game "Anoko Dokonoko", Okada Junko and Okamoto Asami as guests. The host of the show is Nakayama Manami and A-ZAP (a DJ guy).

    There was a big crowd, much bigger than the crowd in July, but I went early and was in a decent location. This time, they were stopping people from taking pictures.. (;_;)

    The radio show started at 19:30, but the guests didn't come in until around 20:00. When the guests were there, they read letters and played a few songs. While the songs were playing, Junko and Asami were swaying to the music and singing the songs.

    Okada Junko was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, with a loose, yellow jumper skirt over it. She was also wearing a black hat.
    [VERY nice! Junko looks good with hats.]

    Okamoto Asami was wearing an orange sweater, and a brown jumper skirt over it. She was wearing a brown (?) beret style hat.

    The sound wasn't very good (as all of the games in the game center were making too much noise..) so I didn't get to hear everything. I did try to concentrate on Junko's talk.. (^_^;)

    Junko said she liked chicken curry, because she doesn't like pork or beef that much. She uses medium-hot, but since she puts apples in it, it becomes sweeter.

    Both Junko and Asami said that they didn't like the cold. Asami doesn't like the hot weather either. But Junko said she liked winter, because she likes skiing.

    Both Junko and Asami doesn't cook much..

    Asami and Junko wanted to spend Christmas together, but Junko has to work.

    It was Asami's birthday yesterday (12/22). She said that people still think she's very young, and ask her which high school she goes to..

    Asami likes to play Puzzle Bobble. Junko doesn't play games that much, but recently she likes the little game with the yellow rat.. (^_^;) She said she has a lot of the yellow rat goods in her room.

    Both Junko and Asami don't like to put soy sauce or sauce onto their curry.

    They played the OP song to the game "Anoko Dokonoko". This game a multi-player love simulation game for the Playstation, going on sale in 1998.
    [How do you do a multi-player love simulation game?]

    Asami does the role of the twins, Kawahara Aiko and Kawahara Yumeko. Junko does the role of Tachibana Haruna.

    There are going to be two versions of this game, a summer version and winter version, with different dates and such. Also some of the girls will only appear in the summer and some will only appear in the winter. Junko's character appears in the winter, and Asami's characters appear in both.

    Junko and Asami left at around 20:30.

    Then they started to pass out pamphlets for "Anoko Dokonoko".
    [This pamphlet has pictures of the characters and also a picture of the seiyuu!]

    At the end of the broadcast, Manami said that she went to the Girls Be concert on Sunday. Manami will have a concert (a Sotsugyou III concert) on March 1st, at the Club Citta.

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