Kaitou Saint Tail musical - 1996.08.26

Event Kaitou Saint Tail musical
Location Shinjuku Bunka Center
Date 1996.08.26 - 1996.08.28
Time 13:00 - 14:40
16:00 - 17:40
Cost 4000 yen
Performers Sakurai Tomo ()
Okano Kousuke ()
Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
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  • Report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.08.26

The Saint Tail musical was awesome!

This is the first time that I had seen a musical live.. now I wanna go see more. (^_^) I've seen the Chacha and Hime-chan musicals on TV, but watching it live is infinitely better. Having Sakurai Tomo, Okano Kousuke, and Nagasaki Moe in the Saint Tail cast helps a lot.

The story of the musical is not anything new. It's the episode where Saint Tail steals the crown from the top of the clock tower.

There are both bad and good things about sitting in the front row. (^_^;)


You can't see everything. The speakers and lighting equipment at the front of the stage block a lot of the view when the people are in the back of the stage. The stage is wide and deep, and they use all of it.

I was a couple seats off of dead center, to the right. Nagasaki Moe was on the left part of the stage a lot, so there were many times when I couldn't see her. I was able to see Tomo most of the time.


You can see "everything" if the performers are in your view.. (^_^;) It must be hot wearing those skin colored tights (around both legs and bodies). Tomo had on a lot of makeup. Maybe it's needed for the musical. I don't think she wore that much makeup at her other events and such. But Tomo was still very cute.

Nagasaki Moe (who played one of Meimi's classmates) was CUTE!

Next time, if there is a next time, I want to sit about 10 rows back so I can get a different view of the musical.

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