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  • Christmas Fantasy Live '97

    Event Sakurai Tomo Christmas Fantasy Live '97
    Location Kameari Ririo Hall
    Date 1997.12.24
    Time 15:00 - 17:00
    18:00 - 20:00
    Performers Sakurai Tomo ()
    Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
    Hashimoto Asobi (ͷ)
    Kobayashi Fuki
    Cost 4200 yen (4500 yen at the door)
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.12.28

    This year Sakurai Tomo Christmas Fantasy Live event took place on December 24 at the Kameari Ririo Hall. It was only one day, and there were two sessions. This was a new hall, seating around 600 people.

    I enjoyed this year's event more than last year's. But it was only held on one day.. (;_;)

    The flow of the event was as follows.

    • Sakurai Tomo Heart ni Message
    • skit by all members
    • Sakurai Tomo Christmas no Yoru ni
    • Hashimoto Asobi Love Connection
    • Nagasaki Moe Asobi ni Ikouyo
    • Nagasaki Moe Kaeri Michi
    • Kobayashi Fuki Tasogare Lonely
    • Sakurai Tomo Koi Mitai na Kanji
    • presents
    • Sakurai Tomo (on tape) Ice Blue Eyes
    • Sakurai Tomo Kimi Wasureji no Manhattan Jilba
    • Sakurai Tomo My Sister
    • Nagasaki Moe and two others Fuyu no Carnival
    • Sakurai Tomo Africa no Yume
    • Sakurai Tomo Chase Your Dream
    • Sakurai Tomo Taiyou wo Agetai
    • everyone (encore) Akogare ni Mukatte

    There was only one skit (around 15 minutes), a present section, and the rest were songs. Most of the songs were fast songs, with lots of movement, and lots of back dancers. Nagasaki Moe was on stage (singing or dancing) for 9 of the songs! She also sang and moved at the same time!

    Moriya Hisoka didn't perform at this year's event, as she was doing a Shoujo Kakumei Utena musical at the same time.

    There were tickets on sale at the door, so it was possible to come even without a pre-sale ticket. The afternoon session had around 500 people, and the night session had close to 600.

    [I had a lot of outfit and dance descriptions typed in, but I lost the file, so this report will not be very detailed.. (;_;)]

    For the first song, Heart ni Message, Tomo sang and all of the other members of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan danced. There were a lot of new faces that I didn't recognize.

    Nagasaki Moe was wearing a red outfit (one piece or top and skirt, I couldn't tell from my location), and she danced well (as usual) for this song.

    After this song, they had a 15 minute skit. There were 6 guys and 6 girls (Tomo, Moe, Fuki, and others) in the skit.

    After the skit, Tomo sang Christmas no Yoru ni, which is on her first Christmas CD Cherry Christmas. Moe (and the others) danced in the background, still with the same outfit.

    Then everyone cleared the stage, and Hashimoto Asobi came onto the stage wearing a tiger kigurumi. (Next year is the year of the tiger.) Asobi talked for a while, and then sang Love Connection. This song is also on Cherry Christmas, sung by Tomo, but the lyrics were written by Andou Natsu (pen name for Hashimoto Asobi).

    After Asobi's song, Nagasaki Moe came out to sing Asobi ni Ikouyo and Kaeri Michi, which are on her second single Kaeri Michi. Moe was wearing a white blouse, with a red/white finely checkered skirt, very frilly, and VERY CUTE! She also had red shoes and short white songs.
    As usual, Moe didn't move much for these songs.

    After Moe, it was "little Tomo" (Kobayashi Fuki). Fuki was wearing a long dress shirt, and had two ribbons in her hair, like "Tomo" from Lemon Angel. There were also four dancers in the background (one of them was Hashimoto Asobi). The dancers just wore a polo shirt (? don't remember), just long enough to cover their panties (when they weren't moving).. But of course they moved! (^_^;) They didn't wear any skirt. Oh, Fuki sang Tasogare Lonely.
    They were all wearing high cut bloomers (or something like that).

    After Fuki, Tomo came back on stage to sing Koi Mitai na Kanji. This was an image song from Kaitou Saint Tail. But unfortunately, I wasn't watching Tomo (wearing a santa outfit) that much.. The background dancers for this song were all the other girls. Nagasaki Moe was wearing a high school uniform. Fuki and the others from the previous song just put on high school style short skirts (I think).

    Then there was a present corner. Everyone was given Sakurai Tomo uchiwa (fans) with a number on it when they entered, and this number was used for the drawing. There were lots and lots of prizes given away, but I didn't win anything.

    After the present corner, there was a 10 minute break.

    The second half started with a tape recording of Ice Blue Eyes, which is Sakurai Tomo's character song for Ruruouni Kenshin. Tomo and the other girls were dressed as ninja, and danced on the stage. Tomo's outfit had matching shorts, to the ninja outfit, but all the other girls only had the top, and no shorts.. Tomo went off the stage before the song ended, and the other girls danced.

    Then Tomo came back on stage to sing Kimi Wasureji no Manhattan Jilba. Tomo was wearing a pink pants outfit. The back dancers for this song was the guys.

    Then Tomo sang My Sister, no dancers (I think).

    After Tomo left, Nagasaki Moe and two others came onto the stage to sing Fuyu no Carnival, an old Lemon Angel song. They all wore white blouses with colored skirts (about knee length that flared out). They had two white ribbons in their hair. Moe's skirt was red, and the others were blue and green. Moe was in the middle and was the "lead". For this song, there was a dance with lots of movements (young idol style). Moe-chan sang and moved at the same time!

    Then Tomo came back onto the stage to sing Africa no Yume and Chase Your Dream, no dancers (I think). Tomo was wearing a very elegant, white, party dress.

    The last song of the event was Taiyou wo Agetai. All of the other guys and girls came back on stage to dance. The girls were wearing a red shirt-like outfit, sleeveless with white trim at the sleeve area. It was about as long as a mini-skirt. There was a black string ribbon in front, and a black belt. They also had white wrist bands, and wore black shoes (white socks). They were also wearing a green party hat.

    The encore was Akogare ni Mukatte, the theme song of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan. This time, Tomo, Moe, and Asobi held the mikes. So Moe-chan sang and danced a lot for this song!

    For the afternoon session, since there wasn't much time until the next session, the curtains went up for the encore at about the same time that people started yelling.. (^_^;) For the night session, it was more like a real encore.

    After the encore, Tomo, Moe, and some others gave some short comments.

    In the lobby, they sold some goods, but there weren't any pamphlets for this event. But there were 1998 calendars for Nagasaki Moe and Sakurai Tomo, 2000 yen each. Also they sold some of the "left over" goods from the summer concert.

    Bonus extra.. for those interested..

    A few minutes after the event ended, Moe, Fuki, and some of the other girls went to the lobby to sell the goods. They were still wearing the red shirt/green hat outfit.. (^_^;)

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