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  • Girls Vocal Paradise 3

    Event Girls Vocal Paradise 3
    Location M7 (Koiwa)
    Date 2001.10.21
    Time 19:00 - 21:00
    GuestsAsano Masumi
    Itou Asuka
    Nagai Kasumi
    Kuryuu Miku
    Suzuki Madoka
    Cost 3000 yen (in advance)
    3500 yen (at the door)
    • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.10.23

    Girls Vocal Paradise 3 took place on October 21, 2001 at M7. Photos, videos, etc not allowed.

    The songs flowed as follows.

    • ? (?)
    • The Peace (Kuryuu Miku)
    • piano by Miku
    • Love Revolution 21 (Kuryuu Miku)
    • Muteki no Only You (Itou Asuka)
    • Heartful Candy (Asukasumi)
    • Osaki ni Shiturei (Asukasumi)
    • Good Days (Asukasumi)
    • SAY-U (Asukasumi)
    • Fight (Asukasumi)
    • three songs by Suzuki Madoka
    • Marunouchi Sadistic (Asano Masumi)
    • Tamasii no Rufran (Asano Masumi)
    • Kimi wo Nosete (Asano Masumi)

    Kuryuu Miku was wearing a red cheerleader's outfit. The skirt was VERY short, and her top was also small/tight. (^_^; As expected, Miku's singing wasn't very good. But she played two songs on the piano, without making too many mistakes.

    After Miku, Itou Asuka came out wearing a frilly, pink outfit. She sang Muteki no Only You by herself. Then she left the stage.

    A couple minutes later, Asuka and Kasumi returned to the stage wearing a colorful sweattop with a hood, and mini skirt. Kasumi's skirt was red, Asuka's was yellow. They were passing out (actually throwing out) some cards, which were advertisement cards for Asukasumi, and the www.gogo-star.com web site.

    For most of the songs, Kasumi stood on the left and Asuka stood on the right.

    Asukasumi's stage was the longest one of the evening. They started with Heartful Candy (a Tokunaga Ai song) and Osaki ni Shitsurei (an Onyanko Club song). They did the real dance to Heartful Candy, as far as I can tell.

    Then after a short talk, they sang Good Days (a Zone song). Then there was a little bit more talk, and they sang SAY-U, a Muteki Palette song. (Asuka used to be a member of Muteki Palette.) Kasumi said she wanted to sing another song, and did the movements to Kira Kira. (^_^;

    Before their final song, Asuka and Kasumi made some announcements of upcoming events. Asuka talked about LaLaLu and Kasumi talked about Cutie Pai. Asukasumi's final song was Fight (a Takahashi Yumiko song).

    Suzuki Madoka sang, Can't Stop My Heart, Shouri he no Brick Road, and Emotion.

    The final singer was Asano Masumi. Masumi sang Marunouchi Sadistic, Tamasii no Rufran (Evangelion), and Kimi wo Nosete (Laputa).

    Sakurai Sara was watching the event too. (^_^;

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