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  • Voice Festival to 2000

    Event Voice Festival to 2000
    Location Nakano Sun Plaza
    Date 1999.10.02-1999.10.03
    Time 13:30 and 18:30 (10/02)
    12:30 and 17:30 (10/03)
    Guests MANY Aoni Production seiyuu
    Cost 5250 yen
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.10.18

    This was a LONG (3.5 hours) two part event featuring the major seiyuu from the seiyuu production Aoni Production. I didn't try too hard to get tickets for this myself, as I didn't think I would like this event that much. But I was lucky enough to get a "first row" seat from a friend. (^_^;) After watching this event, I would say this was a "must see" event for a "generic" seiyuu fan.

    There were video cameras and I'm pretty sure that this will be released on video. I hope the concert part will be..

    As for the crowd, it was pretty much full, but they did sell tickets at the door, and there were plenty of scalpers out front. Also there were many female fans (with Midorikawa Hikaru, Kusao Takeshi, Hayashi Nobutoshi, Ishikawa Hideo as guests this was expected). But probably less than half.

    This two part event was broken up into a drama part and a concert part.

    The first half of the event was an audio drama of Hino Tori. It was like a cross of watching an after recording session and a play/musical. They had several mikes on the stage, four main mikes across the front of the stage, and several more at various spots on the stage. The seiyuu carried scripts and read the dialogue, but they were also dressed for their parts, and did some body movements too. The seiyuu came onto the stage when their characters were talking and in the scene, and left the stage when their characters weren't in the scene.

    The drama lasted about 90 minutes. The main seiyuu were Kusao Takeshi (), Midorikawa Hikaru (), Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ), Hisakawa Aya (), Masuyama Eiko. But there were many other seiyuu for minor roles and background voices.

    During the drama, Hisakawa Aya sang one song, and Kouda Mariko sang one song.

    This drama really showed the acting and voicing skills of the seiyuu. Good thing it was done by "good" seiyuu. The story (based on one of the stories from the Hino Tori manga by Tezuka Osamu) wasn't bad either.

    The second half of the event was a concert session. Furukawa Toshio acted as the emcee, while sitting down in the first row.

    The concert opened with Senti na Natsuyasumi by the SG Girls. All of the girls were wearing cute blue outfits. Five of the girls wore pants, and the others wore skirts. (The pants girls were Asami, Yuka, Hiromi, Mariko, and ??.)

    Since this was not a dedicated SG event, the crowd was dead. Only a few people stood up. (I didn't.) Only a few people had the light sticks. (I did.) There was hardly any crowd cheers or calls. So this sounded a little strange.

    Since I only went to one session, I can't be sure, but I think the dance was slightly different from last year's SG Girls concert. The positions of the girls were different too, even taking into account Arishima Moyu replacing Okada Junko.

    Then after some talk by Furukawa Toshio and the SG Girls, they sang 1 Doz no Memory.

    After the SG Girls left the stage, Kuwashima Houko came on stage to sing Believe. She was wearing a long pink one piece. Then Houko sang a song from Kaitou Jeanne, Sankutus.

    Next was Toyoshima Machiko. Machiko was wearing a jeans jacket top, and a long white skirt. Not the cutest of outfits.. But Machiko was very cute herself. Machiko sang Rock'n Princess and Nami Oto, which are on her Tongari Tenshi CD.
    [I doubt the non hard core Machiko fans knew these songs..]

    After Machiko, it was Ishikawa Hideo. He sang two ballads accompanied by the piano. These were songs by the group Rost, but he sang them solo.
    [It was time for the guys to rest, and the girls to get into it. (^_^;)]

    Then it was Tange Sakura. Sakura was wearing a sleeveless red top, with long, red arm bands, and a white skirt. VERY cute. She sang Neo Generation and Private Link.

    After Sakura, it was Hayashi Nobutoshi. He sang two fast songs.

    The last singer was Horie Mitsuko, who sang a lot of old anime songs. (Mitsuko has recorded over 800 songs.)

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