Saotome Kazuya

Saotome Kazuya (Ჵ) was a 19 year old second year college student at Ochanomizu Kougyou Daigaku (ο幩), ID number DD340613-99 (according to his school ID card), in the Denshi Kougakubu, Denshi Ouyougaku (Electrical Engineering, Applied Electronics). His birthday was October 18, 1981, and his dream was to build a Doraemon (robot).

He lived in a small, wooden, one-room apartment called Kasumi Sou. Kazuya's room number was 204, and his address was:

Kanagawa-ken, Momijiyama-shi
Momijioka-chou 1-28-8
Kasumi sou 204

However, in episode 1, Kazuya told May that his student ID number was E5523-99.

Kazuya's voice is done by Yamaguchi Takayuki.

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