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  • Hime-chan no ribbon - Ongakuhen


    Victor VICL-371
    3000 yen
    released 1993.01.31

    [comments and information by Pascal Janin]

    This CD contains the most prominent and famous OP/ED and early BGM.

    25 tracks : 2 vocals/10 instrumentals/3 mini-drama, 45:22

    All tracks seem to have been mostly performed on synthesizers, yet very well done, with lots of violins, piano and other classical instruments. This creates a very good and very lively mood, just like Hime-chan herself.

    Since all BGM tracks have been composed and arranged by Kawai Kenji himself (Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2 + DoCo, Kyuuketsuki Miyu..), no wonder why this CD is waaay enjoyable!

    1. Egao no GENKI (SMAP) 4:31 [OP]
    [the liveliness of a smiling face]
    2. PURORO-GU 1:20
    3. Omatase! Himechan to Pokota (aru asa no fuukei 1) 2:15
    [here we are! Hime-chan and Pokota (a morning's scenery 1) ]
    in 2 parts:
    * BGM: epilogue played at the end of every episode, during which Pokota introduces briefly the next episode
    * mini-drama: Pokota wakes up Hime-chan at 9AM; she first goes mad, thinking she's late for school, but today's Sunday; Pokota then thinks he had never expected to be able to talk to Hime-chan one day, nor did she; Pokota doesn't want to think 1 year in the future, when Hime-chan will have to return the ribbon to Erika; Hime-chan scolds him for having such sad thoughts this early in the morning, and swears they'll always be friends till the end.
    4. Himeko - tsuugakuro 3:56
    [Himeko - on her way to school]
    Hime-chan at her liveliest: very catchy, fast-paced tune, with violins and xylophone.
    5. Haioku no himitsu 1:57
    [the secret of the unused room]
    6. RI - BO - N 1:02
    7. Koi no yokan 1:46
    [a presentiment of love]
    well-known melancholic tune; violins, piano and guitar.
    8. Daichi 1:32
    9. Zutto aitakatta 1:21
    [I wanted to meet you so badly]
    10. Kataomoi 1:49
    [unrequited love]
    sad theme, such as when Hime-chan cries; violins and piano, same melody as track 4, but played much sadder/slower.
    11. Himechan to Pokota (aru asa no fuukei 2) 1:36
    [Hime-chan and Pokota (a morning's scenery 2) ]
    Hime-chan remembers what she wrote in her diary, about what happened on Friday, April 27: "at last! I spoke to senpai!! (==Hasekura) We kept talking for a while, it was so good! He was alone in the bus " She thought she had forgotten all about it, then asks Pokota what, according to him, a "girl's way" is. She wonders if all boys prefer girls like her elder sister Aiko, beautiful and skilled. Pokota agrees, but also thinks that Hime-chan, with her natural kindness and cheerfulness, is even more like a girl. He has seen her growing for 13 years, and can't be wrong! He abrs that Hime-chan will soon meet someone who will find her charming, and that day won't be long to come.
    12. Tomodachi 1:28
    well-known theme, when Hime-chan is among friends (mostly with Manami and Icchan); violins and clarinet.
    13. Hontou no kimochi 1:28
    [true feelings]
    14. Pokota 1:14
    15. SUKIPPU 0:57
    16. An'un - Jinsei saidai no PINCHI 1:51
    [dark clouds - life's biggest pinch]
    17. Tsuiseki 0:54
    18. Ikken rakuchaku - genki no GENKI 1:51
    [the affair's settlement - more lively than ever]
    19. Utatane 1:04
    [taking a nap]
    20. Nekketsu 1:20
    [hot blooded - Hime-chan's teacher Gori-sensei]
    21. Mukau tokoro teki nashi 0:43
    [nothing can stand in her way - Hime-chan's classmate and rival]
    22. Himechan to Pokota (aru asa no fuukei 3) 0:52
    [Hime-chan and Pokota (a morning's scenery 3) ]
    Pokota teases Hime-chan for having been bothered by both Hibino Hikaru and Daichi; since Pokota gets mad at Daichi for bothering "her" Hime-chan everyday, she thinks he might be jealous; but she swears she loves Pokota; then the door rings; Hime-chan remembers she had asked Manami to go out with her; she dashes to the entrance door, but bumps into something and falls down the stairs; Pokota thinks to himself that Hime-chan is lost without him, and decides to follow them.
    23. EPIRO-GU 0:49
    24. Henshin - Mahou no kuni he 2:47
    [trasformation - to the Land of Magic]
    1st transformation's theme.
    25. BURABURA sasete (SMAP) 4:23 [ED1]
    [make me swing]
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