Heart Chu Style

Heart Chu Style

Movic MACM-1121
released 2001.01.24
2100 yen

This is the debut mini album for the group Heart Chu.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Prologue
  2. Heart Chu no Theme -Idol ha Kitto Sekai wo Sukuu-
  3. Chururu Daishouri!!
  4. N'est-ce Pas
  5. Kira Kira
  6. Epilogue
  7. Heart Chu no Theme (minus one mix)
  8. Chururu Daishouri!! (minus one mix)
  9. N'est-ce Pas (minus one mix)
  10. ?

They just put a question mark (?) for track 10. It seems to be a different version of Chururu Daishouri, just guitar for the music (I think).

Track 1 (prologue) is just the "cheering" at the beginning of Heart Chu no Theme. It leads into the song.

Track 6 (epilogue) is just some more "cheering" and a music box melody of Heart Chu no Theme.

These songs sound "different", as the only versions I have heard before were the "live" versions at events, and those sound different every time.. (^_^;

I think Mieko is trying to sing in a cuter voice than normal. This is especially true for "n'est-ce pas".

The front cover has the girls wearing their new outfits, and smiling. The back cover has the girls wearing different colored one piece dresses, and not smiling. Jun looks surprised and upset, Sayaka looks angry, and Mieko looks spaced out happy. I have no idea why they did a back cover like that. Jun looks 10 years older than she really is..

The first pressing comes with a sticker.


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