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Kagai Jugyou no Hajimari
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In the megami school, Rurubell and Juliana were arguing. Juliana said that Rurubell was small.. and pointed to her breasts and hips.

Riris was sleeping with her teddy bear. Stashia told her to wake up because class was going to begin, but Riris said that she was too sleepy.

Then Pink came into the classroom. Mama Mega was busy, so Pink was substituting.

Juliana wanted to leave, and Stashia wanted to go clean her room. But Pink took roll, and gave them a message from Mama Mega. They had to do some extracurricular activities.

The four megami students Rurubell (grade school), Riris (junior high), Juliana (high school), and Stashia (college) have to go looking for the astrostar, which was required for them to graduate and become megami. The astrostar was also an item that will make one very beautiful.

Juliana said that she didn't want to become any more beautiful, but Rurubell said, "Too bad it's not an item to make your personality more beautiful."

They had to go outside and go climbing and hiking, in the land on the other side of a waterfall.

Riris started crying because she didn't want to do such strenuous things. She also was carrying around her teddy bear.

Then Stashia pulled out a magic rug (that she got from mail order ^_^;), and they all went flying. But they didn't have any idea where the astrostar was. So Riris asked her teddy bear, which started moving and pointing to a lake.

The megami went to the lake, as Riris said that the bear said that the astrostar was inside the lake. Since Stashia's magic rug wasn't waterproof, they had to swim, but the megami hadn't brought their bathing suits. Then Juliana suggested that they just swim in their underwear, because nobody else was around. But Stashia and Riris said that they couldn't.

Then Rurubell used her magic rod to change everyone into bathing suits. "Rururin, ruru ruru ruru ru, mizugi ni nare!"

Rurubell's magic gave Stashia a very skimpy bathing suit. Juliana said, "A T-front.. even I wouldn't wear that."

Rurubell was admiring Stashia's nice body, but Stashia told Rurubell to change it to a normal bathing suit. Then Rurubell gave Stashia, Riris, and herself a white one piece bathing suit. She gave Juliana a black, high leg bathing suit.

Juliana was saying that it suited her great body, but then someone started laughing. It was Rouge, one of the bad megami group, who said that she was the one with a great body.

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