Megami Paradise lesson 3

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The four megami had to climb a mountain because Mamamega's fortune had said that the astrostar had appeared in that mountain. Riris asked Stashia for her magic flying carpet. But Stashia said that when she washed it, it had shrunk. So the megami had to climb.

Juliana had brought a backpack filled with some lunch that she had made. The other megami were surprised that she could cook. They also noticed that she looked very happy.

After walking a while Riris said that she was too tired, and couldn't go any further. Juliana was still very energetic, but Stashia asked if they couldn't rest for a while. So they decided to have lunch.

Rurubell said that she had brought some candies, and was about to eat it. But Juliana got mad, saying that they were going to eat lunch soon. (Juliana had started cooking her barbecue.) She did however, agree to let them drink some juice.

While Juliana was cooking, the others were drinking juice. Then they smelled something strange.

Juliana brought the food to the others, and the others asked what it was. (It looked a little bit like a barbecue.) Juliana said that it tasted much better than ordinary barbecue.

Riris said, "I think it's very different too."
Stashia asked, "What kind of flavoring did you put on it?"
Then Juliana happily answered that it was some special sauce, and urged everyone to eat it. Everyone thought that maybe it tasted better than it looked, so they all tried it. But it was terrible.

Stashia said to herself, "How can something so bad be made.."
When Juliana said that there was a lot more, Stashia said that she wasn't feeling that hungry.

Then a stranger came by, and sat down with the megami. She had brought some sandwiches and offered it to the megami. Juliana said that they still had a lot of food, but Rurubell took some.

Rurubell tasted it and said that the sandwich was bitter. Juliana said that anything would taste bad after her cooking. Then she tried some of the sandwiches herself. Juliana ate it and said that it wasn't bad. Then She kept eating and eating.

All of a sudden Rouge popped out and said, "You ate three of them!" Then the other girl introduced herself as one of the bad megami, Angela. They said that the sandwiches had some medicine in it. Stashia asked if it was poison, but Angela said that the medicine would just increase body weight.

Then Rurubell started getting a little fat. (Rurubell had eaten one bite.) Actually she became very happy as it was just her breasts that became big. But Juliana became as big as a sumo wrestler, all over.

Then the bad megami ran off, and Juliana couldn't catch them as she was too fat. Angela said, "Please get used to it soon. That medicine's effect lasts forever."

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