Megami Paradise lesson 4

Kyouran no Stashia
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Juliana was going around in her sumo-sized body. Rurubell was feeling happy about her large breasts. Stashia told them to calm down, but they couldn't.

Then Rouge came with a medicine to turn the body back to normal. Rurubell quickly said that she didn't want any. Juliana told Rurubell to shut up, and asked for it. But Rouge told Juliana to show the right attitude. So Juliana tried to speak in a polite manner, but it wasn't good enough for Rouge.

Meanwhile, Stashia and Riris were plotting to take the medicine. But Rouge told them that she would throw the bottle down the mountain if they tried something funny. Then Angela said that it would take one year to make that medicine.

Rouge told Juliana to call her a queen. Then Juliana reluctantly called her a queen. Rouge asked Juliana to shine her shoes. After the shoes, Rouge said that she was hungry. So she saw the barbecue and asked for some. Then Juliana gave Rouge the food.

When Rouge ate the food, she lost consciousness, so Juliana was able to get the medicine. Juliana started downing the medicine right away, and Stashia told her to leave some for Rurubell. Then Juliana's body returned to normal. Rurubell was disappointed that her body returned to normal.

The megami then continued their climb to the top of the mountain. When they got near the top, they heard some music. Juliana started dancing, as did the other megami. But they couldn't stop their bodies.

Maharaja, one of the bad megami, appeared and said that the music was hers. Pastel, the bad megami with the sketch stick, also appeared. Maharaja made it so that the megami couldn't move. Then Pastel started drawing dirty things, such as garbage, and made it attack the megami. Juliana said the garbage it wasn't very real. But Stashia screamed out very loudly.

Pastel then drew some horse manure and sent it at the megami. Stashia screamed out, "Iya! Iya! Kore iya!!!" The other megami were worried about Stashia. "Yame yame yamete! Oyameninatte!" Stashia screamed out. The other megami noticed that Stashia was freaking out.

Angela and Rouge also appeared. Pastel then drew a rag that had just wiped some spilt milk, and sent that at the megami. Stashia screamed out, "Uki! Uki! Ukiukiukiukii!" The other megami said that Stashia had turned into a monkey. Then Stashia started laughing (a silly laugh).

Pastel drew a large herd of cockroaches. Stashia calmly said, "It's a dream. This is all a dream. I'm just dozing off in a bathtub." Then Stashia started laughing (very silly laugh). Then Stashia started humming and singing to herself. Stashia had totally lost it, and used her very powerful magic, and turned the normal mountain into an erupting volcano.

The explosion sent the astrostar flying.

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