Megami Paradise Fall Seminar


Starchild, KICA-267
1980 yen
released 1995.10.05

The tracks are as follows.

  1. homeroom
  2. Energy (short version) [by Okui Masami]
  3. lesson 9 Megami Jungle Tankentai
  4. lesson 10 Kecchaku no Shinden
  5. lesson 11 Harmage Don!
  6. lesson 12 Harmage Don! Don!
  7. homeroom
The front cover has a picture of all of the good and bad megami, very cute in SD form. The back cover has a drawing of Riris in a white bathing suit.

The booklet has a short Megami Paradise manga, character information about Mamamega and Yamimama, and some more fun information.

The first pressing of this CD comes with a nice, colorful cardboard box which is big enough to hold all three drama CDs. The front cover has the same cute SD picture as the cover of this CD.

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