Sawanoguchi Sae

沢野口沙絵 (小西寛子)

Youmex TYDY-2073
1000 yen
released 1996.06.12

The CD single cover has a picture of Sawanoguchi Sae, and the back cover has a nice picture of Konishi Hiroko.

The songs are as follows.

  1. Kiiteyo Diary (聞いてよダイヤリー)
  2. Benri na Message Hen - Sawanoguchi Sae no Maki
  3. Kiiteyo Diary (original karaoke)
Kiiteyo Diary is a song by Konishi Hiroko, and Benri na Message hen is a dialogue by Konishi Hiroko and Iizuka Mayumi. But it's mostly Hiroko who does that talking in the first half of the track.

Hiroko (as Sawanoguchi Sae) practices magic at home, and records the magical words.. as that's what Takakura told her to do. Actually, Takakura had bought a new answering machine and an alarm clock, and he wanted to use Sae's voices.

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