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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 39

    Chinjuu Miminga oosoudou!?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.12.20
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    Saki, Mai, and the fairies were playing hide and seek in the forest by the big tree.

    Meanwhile Kenta and Miyasako were walking in the forest close by. They had come to the forest because Miyasako was too embarassed to practice their comedy in front of people. Kenta was saying that there were strange creatures in the forest. Then he reached into the bushes, and pulled out a white creature. It was Frappi!


    Then the other fairies also appeared. Kenta and Miyasako screamed out and ran away.

    The next day at school, Kenta was telling everyone that he saw some creatures in the forest. But nobody believed him. Then Miyasako came. Kenta asked him about it, and Miyasako drew some sketches of the creatures. Saki and Mai began to get worried.

    [title screen]

    Kintoreski and Gooyaan were training in the forest. Kintoreski was running and Gooyaan was riding a bicycle, chasing him. Gooyaan was asking when Kintoreski would defeat the PreCure. Kintoreski said that he wanted to have a battle that would go down in history.

    Saki and Mai were worried as Kenta's story had spread very quickly. When they got to Saki's store, there was a crowd outside. An old man (Yanagida Kunikichi) had a copy of Miyasako's sketch, and said that it was a Miminga. Everyone was saying that they should spread the news, to gather more customers for the town.

    Saki's mother quickly made a miminga corone. Minori said that it was cute. Saki said she couldn't eat it, as it looked too much like Frappi and Choppi.

    Saki and Mai were in the forest. Then Kenta and his friends came by. They said that they were going to lead a group into the mountains to look for the Miminga.

    When Kenta took everyone to the place where he saw the Miminga, everyone split up and stared looking.

    Kintoreski (who was training nearby) also came to see what everyone was doing.

    [CM break]

    Kintoreski spotted Saki and Mai. Then Frappi and Choppi changed into their animal forms. Kintoreski yelled out very loudly that he spotted the Miminga. Then everyone rushed over. Saki and Mai quickly grabbed the fairies and ran away.

    When they were running, they fell into a strange hole, and landed in Kintoreski's training room. Kintoreski had grabbed Frappi and Choppi. Then Kintoreski turned a training machine into a monster.

    Kintoreski said that he would train them, and returned the fairies to the girls. The girls transformed, into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

    Kintoreski fought hand to hand against the PreCure. When he told the girls to put on weights, the girls refused. The monster powered up, by combining with more weight machines. Then the girls got help from Muupu and Fuupu, and defeated the monster.

    After the battle, everyone was still looking for the Miminga in the forest. Then Kenta saw the Miminga in the bushes! He yelled out, and everyone came. Then Saki and Mai came out of the bushes. They said that they were practicing puppets, and showed everyone the hand puppets of the fairies.

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