Nurse Angel Ririka SOS manga volume 2

  • Summary by Chris Drome, 1996.05.21
A girl mysteriously appears at Seiya's doorstep and is incredibly ill. She is taken into nursed back to health.

As it turns out the girl was out of Seiya's past, although he doesn't really remember it all that well. She is a year younger than Seiya and Seiya kindly blocked a soccer ball that would have hit her in the head, and then scolded the kids that were playing soccer. The girl (sorry, but I don't remember her name), wanted to say "Thank you" to Seiya, but didn't have the courage or the opportunity to. As it happens, on that particular day she gets up the courage to go to Seiya.

Unfortunately she is somehow mysteriously ill and spends the next few days in Seiya's family hospital. She even goes so far as to ask Seiya if he has somebody that he likes, and expresses her gratitude over how he has taken care of her.

But as you can guess, the illness was induced by Dark Joker, and soon the girl starts saying to Seiya that if he goes into Ririka's room and brings her what is in the box that Canon sempai gave her, then she will tell Seiya a secret about Ririka. Predictably, curiousity gets the best of Seiya and he brings the Nurse Cap to the girl.

At that time, Dark Joker's (spider-like) servant reveals himself and mocks Seiya. Ririka is angry with Seiya for what he has done and runs away with the cap, reluctant to save the girl and Seiya who have been trapped by this spider-like servant.

In the end she realizes that she can't not help them and goes to the rescue.

There are a few other little amusing bits in the story between Ririka's friends and such.

As you can see, the manga is pretty much a different story than the anime. Also in #2 Helena's little sister comes to Earth and wants to be the Nurse Angel, which is also cute.

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