Moriya Ririka

Moriya Ririka (森谷りりか) was the girl that transformed into the legendary Nurse Angel.

Ririka was a slightly clumsy, but very cheerful, 10 year old 4th grader. But she received the nurse's cap that enabled her to transform into the Nurse Angel, so she fought against the evil Dark Joker, and tried to look for the flower of life, that was needed to help the people of Queen Earth.

As the Nurse Angel, Ririka had a magical stick, powered by the green vaccine, to fight the enemy. But when the vaccine ran out, Ririka was almost powerless.

The following is the list of magical phrases and attacks that the Nurse Angel uses.

Sparkle medication
Angel ring force shield
Angel view up
Angel beam
Angel shine scroll
Angel aid bomb beam

Ririka/Nurse Angel's items can be seen in the Ririka item page.

In the anime, Ririka's voice is done by Asou Kaori (麻生かほ理).

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