Nurse Angel Ririka SOS episode 34

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Akasareta Saigono Unmei
[The final destiny that was revealed]
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  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.09
Kanon was with Helena, who was sleeping in her bed. Helena was in pretty bad condition.

Helena: Kanon?
Kanon: I'm here.
Helena: Is the flower of life going to be found.
Kanon: We will find it for sure. With the green vaccine, we'll make Earth and Queen Earth back the way it was.

[title screen]

Ririka was at home. Her family was in the living room. Ririka went around asking, "What day is next Friday?" But everyone kept ignoring Ririka.

Then Ririka got upset and ran off. She went up to her own room. Ririka's family knew about Ririka's birthday, but they were keeping it a secret because they were going to have a party for her.

Seiya was sitting at his window sill with the window open, playing his little guitar and singing. Ririka called out to him from her window and asked him what day it was next Friday. But Seiya didn't give her the answer that she wanted, so Ririka slammed her window shut. Seiya was secretly saving some of his money to buy a present for Ririka.

The next day at school Ririka was very happy as Karin and Anna had remembered her birthday. Then Miyuki came and said that she would let herself be invited to Ririka's birthday party. [Actually Ririka hadn't invited her yet.]

On the way home from school, Seiya saw a large telescope in a store window. He went into the store, which was very dark. A strange voice said, "Welcome" and Seiya immediately knew that something was wrong.

Meanwhile, Ririka was feeling very happy. Mimina went up to her, a little upset that Ririka was feeling so happy.

Ririka: Mimina, you can come to my birthday party too.
Mimina: What about the flower of life? Even if you find it now, it might be too late.
Ririka: What do you mean it might be too late?
Mimina: My sister is very sick. She can't see much any more.
Ririka: I'm looking for the flower of life with Seiya, but we can't find it anywhere. I didn't know your sister was that bad..
Mimina: It's not just for my sister! If you don't find it, it will be the end of this earth too!
Then Mimina ran off.

Meanwhile at the store, the dark joker was showing Seiya some images of the future. It was of the nurse angel struggling. The dark joker said that even the nurse angel wouldn't be able to save them.

Ririka was sitting on a park bench by herself. She was feeling depressed.
Ririka said to herself: Maybe I'm not supposed to be thinking of fun things like a birthday party, since I haven't found the flower of life yet. But I tried very hard this year, since my 10th birthday. I wanted to give myself a little reward. But I didn't know Helena was that bad..

Then Ririka dropped her magic notebook, and it popped open. It showed the traces of the dark joker.

Ririka rushed to the store and burst inside. Seiya was fighting the dark joker.

Ririka transformed into the nurse angel. The nurse angel was going to fight the dark joker monster.
Monster: Even if you defeat me, nothing will change. The monsters that the black vaccine creates is unlimited. But you don't have much green vaccine left.

The nurse angel attacked the monster, but the monster got away easily. The monster said that the room was full of the dark energy so she couldn't win. Then Seiya spotted a bottle full of the black vaccine.
Seiya: Hey dark joker! You need the black vaccine too right?

Then Seiya spilled all of the black vaccine onto the floor, and broke the bottle. Seiya told Ririka to attack, and the nurse angel blasted the monster. "Angel shine scroll! Angel aid bomb beam!"
As the monster got destroyed, he said to Seiya: You're body got infected by the black vaccine..

After the monster got destroyed, the nurse angel looked for Seiya. Seiya was on the ground, and was in pretty bad shape.

[CM break]

Seiya was sleeping in a hospital bed, and his father (the doctor) was checking him. Ririka asked if Seiya would be all right, and he said, "It's probably just the influenza that's going around right now. He just needs some rest and good food to get better."

The next day after school, Ririka came to take care of Seiya, who was still in the hospital bed. She brought some fruits and the notes from school. Then Mimina also came.
Mimina: What are you doing here?
Ririka: I'm looking after Seiya.
Mimina: You have some important things to do as the nurse angel. I'll take care of Seiya.

Mimina brought some bananas, but Ririka said that Seiya didn't like bananas. Mimina also brought some classic novels, but Ririka said that Seiya only read manga.

Mimina then left, saying that she would come back the next day.

Then Seiya collapsed again. Ririka called Seiya's father again.

That evening, Ririka couldn't eat much as she was too worried about Seiya. But her family all told her that she had to eat a lot and be healthy so that she can take care of Seiya.

That night Ririka went to Seiya and kept nursing him.
Ririka: His cold is getting worse. Why? Isn't it a cold?

The next day Mimina came again, and found Seiya and Ririka sleeping. Ririka was murmuring, "Seiya" so Mimina became curious and took a look inside Ririka's dream. There were many images of little Seiya and Ririka.

Then Mimina saw a strange image. She saw a place with a lot of flowers. It was the flower of life. There was also a nurse angel. But that nurse angel wasn't Ririka!
Mimina: It can't be!

Then Mimina (who was very shocked) ran off.

Ririka woke up because of the noise. Seiya was still struggling. Ririka was going to call for Seiya's father, but Seiya stopped her.

Seiya: This isn't something that can get fixed with the hospital's medicine.
Ririka: What do you mean?
Seiya: This isn't a cold. The black vaccine has infected me.
Ririka: Why didn't you tell me earlier! I can cure you. The nurse angel can cure you.
Seiya: That's why I didn't tell you.
Ririka: Why?
Seiya: There's only enough green vaccine for one more shot. We can't use that up.
Ririka: We can use it!
Seiya: Stupid! If we use up the green vaccine, it would mean that we lost to the dark joker. Everyone's going to die. Not just you and me. Your family, and everyone. Everyone on Queen Earth too. You want that?
Ririka: No! No.. but if you die now, I'll have nothing left. The nurse angel will do something about it. We'll find the flower of life. I can do it only because you're here with me. If I don't use the green vaccine now, I'm not a nurse angel.
Ririka started crying. Then she transformed. "Seinaru chikara. Seinaru negai koko he." [The holy power. The holy wish. Come here.]

The nurse angel used the last of the green vaccine to cure Seiya. Seiya became healthy right away.

Ririka: Maybe when I grow up I'll be a nurse.
Seiya: I'll be a doctor.

Meanwhile, Mimina was rushing so she can go back to Queen Earth.

At the Moriya living room, everyone was looking at old pictures of Ririka. They were saying that Ririka had grown up so fast. Ririka took a peek and found out that everyone had actually remembered about her birthday.

At Queen Earth, Mimina was crying next to Helena. Kanon was there and he couldn't believe what Mimina had told her.

It was the day before Ririka's birthday. Ririka was in her room, and Kanon appeared in front of her. Ririka was very happy to see Kanon. But Kanon wasn't smiling.

Kanon: Tomorrow, on your 11th birthday, you're going to die.

[ED music begins]

Kanon: On your birthday, you're going to die.

[ED song]

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