Ririka's items

The following are the items that Moriya Ririka/Nurse Angel has used.

angel heart karute

The angel heart karute (エンジェル・ハート・カルテ) is like an electronic system notebook, used to find out about the black vaccine.

flash lusion

The flash lusion (フラッシュ・リュージョン) is a watch that Kanon gave to Ririka.

healing pen

The healing pen (ヒーリング・ペン) is a pen that can heal simple injuries.

angel cap

The angel cap (エンジェル・キャップ) is the nurse cap that Ririka uses to transform into the Nurse Angel.

angel baton

The angel baton (エンジェル・バトン) is a weapon that the Nurse Angel used in battle.

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