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  • Card Captor Sakura Fuuin Sareta Card Complete Book

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    Card Captor Sakura Fuuin Sareta Card
    Complete Book
    1500 yen
    released 2000.10.27
    120 pages

    This book contains the following.

    • Story Digests
    • Character Profile and Cast Interview
    • After Recording Report
    • Background Paintings
    • Official Merchandise
    • Settei Shiryou and E Konte
    • Staff Interview
    • Interviews

    The cast interview section (color) has the following seiyuu: 3 pages on Tange Sakura (Kinomoto Sakura), 3 pages on Kumai Motoko (Li Shaoran), 3 pages on Hisakawa Aya (Kero-chan), 3 pages on Iwao Junko (Daidouji Tomoyo), 3 pages on Ogata Megumi (Tsukishiro Yukito, Yue), 3 pages on Nogami Yukana (Li Meilin), 1 page on Seki Tomokazu (Kinomoto Touya), 1 page on Onosaka Masaya (Kerberos).

    The after recording report (color) has a group picture of Kumai Motoko, Tange Sakura, and Hisakawa Aya. There is also a small picture of the entire (almost) cast.

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