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  • Card Captor Sakura Complete Book

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    Card Captor Sakura Complete Book
    (Clow Card Hen)
    1500 yen
    released 1999.07.30
    124 pages

    This book contains the following.

    • Story Digests
    • Kero-chan ni Omakase
    • Settei Shiryou and E Konte
    • Interviews

    The story digests are 1 or 2 pages for each episode (1 to 46), and contains lots of little color pictures from the episodes. Then there is a 2 page spread of the first OP animation (Catch You Catch Me), 2 pages on the second OP animation (Tobira wo Akete), 1 page on the first ED animation (Groovy), and 1 page on the second ED animation (Honey). Then there are pictures of the CC Sakura items, such as videos, CDs, comics, CD-ROMs, and games (Playstation and Game Boy).

    The interview section has the following seiyuu: 2 pages on Tange Sakura (Kinomoto Sakura), 2 pages on Hisakawa Aya (Kero-chan), 2 pages on Iwao Junko (Daidouji Tomoyo), 1 page on Seki Tomokazu (Kinomoto Touya), 1 page on Ogata Megumi (Tsukishiro Yukito), 1 page on Kumai Motoko (Li Shaoran), 1 page on Nogami Yukana (Li Meilin), 1 page on Shinohara Emi (Mizuki Kaho), 1 page on Tanaka Hideyuki (Kinomoto Fujitaka), half page on Kawakami Tomoko (Sasaki Rika), half page on Motoi Emi (Yanagisawa Naoko), half page on Matsumoto Miwa (Mihara Chiharu), half page on Miyazaki Issei (Yamazaki Takashi), half page on Onosaka Masaya (Kerberos).

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